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Quote ideas from first 4 books


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I have been trying to teach myself calligraphy. After attempting Lord of the rings quotes (The ring quote...All those who wander are not lost quote..etc) I am looking for cool quotes from the WOT's first four volumes. Anything else may spoil the series. I keep myself to mainly blogging until my reading of the series is complete.



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Yay, two of my favourites Jon, love the signature you have too of course. I kept quoting that for ages after I saw it


I know what that is like. It just sums up the entire series for me. If I ever get published, and dedicate the book to Jordan, then I'm adding that in there to :tongue:!

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You accidentaly married the Seanchan empress?


That''s not from the first 4 books.


Start :"You came in peace, depart now in peace, the Way of the Leaf is peace."

Response: "Peace be on you always and on all the People.

I will find the song or another will find the song, but the song will be sung.

This year, or in a year to come, As it once was so shall it be again.

World without end."

Response: "World without end, world and time without end"


As a whole I think that it is a very good quote. I don't agree with sentiment, but I like the ceremony associated with it and the cadence of it.

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