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  1. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that this kitty's shock is in response to the latest charecter addition, shown below in the prospective cover for "A Memory of Light." And before anyone claims that this picture is offensive, or that it supports unfair stereotypes, or anything of the like, let me clarify who this charecter is. He is a compeltely heterosexual wizard, who goes by the name of "Leather Daddy." He flies that multicolored banner in representation and support of the various Aes'Sedai ajahs, to show that not all men resent them. His mustache is the latest trend out of Tarabon, though most Tarabonners simply do not know it yet. Nor does Brandon, for that matter. It's a really, really new trend. He was helping Perrin in the forge, when his leather jerken split down the middle, which is why it looks like a vest. And his chaps are... are... well... okay, the chaps are just gay. But other than that, he is a non-offensive, legitimate charecter. Anyone who claims him to fit any sort of stereotype, or who claims that this picutre (in the context of this post) is offensive... well, that person would be making assumptions and jumping to conclusions that are a result of their belief in cruel stereotypes, and that person's post would need to be deleted, IMO.
  2. Well if we're going to include a gay character simply because it's "realistic" or whatever, then we need to take half the marriages in WOT universe and divorce them, otherwise all the divorcees out there will feel left out and the series will not be very realistic when it comes to relationships and sexuality. After all, the percentage of people in relationships who will end up divorced is exponentialy higher than the number of gay people in relationships, so it is not fair to include one group, claiming that it's how the real world functions and the story would be unreal without it, and leave the other one, which shares a much bigger role in the real world, out of the story alltogether. So... Brandon... you better get divorcin' You can start with Perrin and Faile.
  3. How do we know it won't be an Aiel man? Are all the main Aiel charecters spoken for?
  4. Jblaylock

    JBlademaster's WOT gallery

    Some photos I took of my wife and I dressed in our homemade garb. Christie is an Aes Sedai of the green ajah, and I am her warder.
  5. Not to lean too strongly on stereotypes, but Androl sure is good at working with leather, and he pays extra close attention to his stitching.
  6. I always assumed master Norry (Elayne's "accountant") was gay
  7. The answer is simple. They do not worship the creator. They acknowlege that he created them, but mostly all cultures in WOT also beleive that the creator abandon man to fend for himself after creating him.
  8. That made me laugh out loud. Shh El Oscuro, don´t be calling them freaks just because you don´t understand them At Uncle Butcher: Agreed. I have a clear memory of her being 16 when we first meet her, so that makes her what... 2 years younger then Perrin or more (I must admit the question about how old everyone are is abit confusing). I think I even read a comment from RJ stating that Faile is 16. I did not mean "freak" as in "wierdo." I meant it as in "bow chica bow wow."
  9. Saldeans are freaks for sure. Saldean women remind me of the Southpark episode with Mel Gibson, where he kept trying to get the boys to torture him, while he pretended to intend on resisting, despite the fact that he was the one prompting them to torture him. Or... better yet... they remind me of that scene in Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Graile, when one of them (forget which one) was in that tower where all the women kept trying to get him to punish them with spankings.
  10. Thanks! I tried that at first (the "only flames were the eyes should be" thing), and it just didn't look right for some reason. I don't know why. I also tried making an eye out of flames, like the eye of Sauron from LOTR, and that didn't look right either.
  11. I think you are getting confused by the terminology. Probably reading (in seperate places) "True Power" and "True Source" and thinking they are the same thing. But they are keenly different terms describing unique things. You have the One Power, which consists of Saidar and Saidin, and it comes from the True Source. Then you have the True Power, which is an entirely different power, and the source for it is the Dark One himself.
  12. The best of us are crazy... ... ... or is it the worst of us?
  13. Made this today with photoshop and a picture I took of myself with my cellphone camera. Watcha think?
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