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  1. He's more... kinda occupied for a bit..... til possibly the end of the Wheel.... Anwho the point I was making is he had a reason for plonking on the hat and announcing to the world "Hello World! This is Me! Life should be fun for everyone!" (That's right, bringing the world of Dragonmount and Saddle Club together! You're Welcome!!!) knowing the attention it would get and being ready to use it
  2. I'm fine with how Mat is in the chapter and just thank Brandon that he's continued on RJ's work. Mat is of course going to try to escape scrutiny entering Ebou Dar. Not only is it simply his nature and he's unsure about the reception Fortuona has for him, but he's also trying to avoid Darkfriends who have his picture and have been feeling rather stabby lately. Mat plonked on his hat and uncovered his ashanderei when it came time to get George's attention and I think he's taking this mentality now, he's fine with people seeing him and knowing who is because they will not stop him in time and he likely plan to use his image to get a buzz in the city to draw out who he wants to draw out. People will act differently even in way he predicts they will act when he's Mat the Prince of the Ravens rather than Mandevwin the Poorly Disguised Hobo. I reckon Mat would have mentioned the marriage the FoM to Rand, or it comes out rather awkwardly, publicly and humerously via Egwene/Moiraine. I believe he'll need to be there as Rand will need Moiraine to get the sisters on board, she'll basically save the day Also Leilwin doesn't need to mention anything about Mats marriage, she arrived in Tar Valon with the sisters who will likely do that for her, one with a somewhat bluer than normal mouth all too happy to blab *** Edit: Oops yeah, I forgot... I may have slightly given the gholam the name of George a little bit between books.. Just go with it....
  3. I don't do that with stories I enjoy, like WoT. I've done it before though in stories I've found very slow as a sprt of pick-me-up kinda deal, and jumped ahead to random parts of the book. However if I'm enjoying the book or series enough I definitely don't do that, the story is about the journey more than the destination after all *** Edit (Addition): Plus I'd think Bela wouldn't like it if I did that. She'd kill me to death until I died from it
  4. I just always thought that the lack of communication was an intentional common theme in the series. Showing what happens when people do not communicate properly
  5. I had the feeling Tam and Kari weren't on the list, but were a rumour Moiraine and Suian came across on their search, likely one of many.
  6. ....so.... we're not going with the standard idea that since Egwenes AS's aren't allowed into BT they're simply not within the range of the DS?
  7. If we weren't on the last book I may entertain this thought I guess, however with the end in sight and so many other things to cover before its done (Not sure how it'll be done effectively in one book as it is) throwing a few more gholams into the mix will be too much. Any way that they may be killed off would have to be so fast that the gholam would no longer feel like a worthy adversary (Think last season of Buffy where they fear one uber vamp forever, then in the finale every man and their dog can kill the buggers). Such an effect would not only diminish the aura of the gholams but whoever defeats them
  8. I reckon the two dead men are more than likely Hahn and Mop Edit: For those who don't know Hahn is Almens nephew in the first chapter of Towers of Midnight, and Mop is the character Mat made up when talking about boots
  9. I liked NS also. One thing I would have liked to see though, was more White Towery stuff about the raisings and finding out Ajah traditions for other Ajah's, though would have been difficult from Moiraines perspective
  10. I liked Padan Fain right up until the Zombie Trollocs moment. If he twisted their minds while they were alive is one thing but Zombie Trollocs is a bit much. Especially after Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson had already thrown in a zombie scene last book...
  11. Definitely agree about Be'lal, Asmodean, and Logain (One of my favourite chars). I would like to see more viewpoints from the BT, and also hoping Pevara gets more screentime in AMoL. Have a feeling most of those are coming. Loial isn't getting much time either and Elayne needs less, but that's not what we're here to discuss so [backspace][backspace][backspace].
  12. Male, 28 Like: Mat!!!!, Gawyn, Logain, Perrin, Min, Moiraine, Thom, Dobraine, Pevara, Grady, Nynaeve, Bela Neutral: Rand, Lan, Aviendha, Tuon, Birgette, Loial, Galad Dislike: Elayne, Egwene, Cadsuane Will probably add to the list later
  13. In ToM in the Perrin vs Slayer in the nightmare thing Perrin was described as having the Dreamspike in one hand, the staff in one hand, and the knife he kinda poked Slayer with in one hand... when did he get the extra hand?
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