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  1. Tonight I am leaving a job that I have had for fifteen years. I wish I could say I am emotional about the whole thing. Perhaps I will be. The Coronavirus news is crazy. Every major festival, concert or any place where groups gather is affected. We have a month to visit all of our favorite places in Michigan. I hope all of the places we wanted to visit across the country will re-open. Broadway is closing up until April 12th. Disneyland is closed. It won't be long until every major concert tour is cancelled as the virus has been declared a Pandemic. I find this all frightening. The ecstasy of leaving a job that was merely a job eludes me. It paved the way for me to have a house, raise our daughter and live peacefully by ourselves. It also damaged my body, stressed me out and has felt all-consuming. The people I worked with will be the ones I think of fondly. Sorry, if this is a rambling mess. Kind of mirrors the inside of my head. To bring it back to the Wheel, I relate to these characters in extreme moments of distress. My thoughts go out to anyone reading this blog. I hope you are well and safe. To paraphrase Thom Merrilin - "I could use a strong drink!" “If you must mount the gallows, give a jest to the crowd, a coin the hangman, and make the drop with a smile on your lips.” The Fires of Heaven
  2. Thanks for the kind words! Cheers!
  3. As I type this, Halloween is ending. It is a cold, rainy/snowy evening for the kids to Trick or Treat in. I am snug and warm in our apartment. Early in the year, we sold our house. It was a crazy 9 month selling process. Halloween (our favorite time of year) was not celebrated. We didn't do any of our traditions. This year I made a list. A list of what orchards to hit, where to get donuts..etc. I think we managed to get through 60% of the list. My wife and I work at the same place. Lots of 10 hour days. It has been a good Halloween season overall. I just get bummed when it ends. National Novel Writing Month is November. I am attempting it for like the 9th time. A straight up whodunnit murder mystery. Should be interesting as always. If anyone wants to try and write a novel (50,000 words) in a month, go to nanowrimo.org for info. I have my own little fantasy story I am writing. Not telling anyone much about it. I am nervous about jinxing the whole thing. My wife doesn't really know too much. All I can say is it's a YA fantasy series. Not grim or gritty. It is probably the one thing I have worked on the longest. All for now. Cheers!
  4. This is my favorite piece of artwork in the world. It was created by Dan dos Santos. He's a wonderful cover artist. He did all the covers to Firefly: leaves on the wind. The works of Patricia Briggs, Diana Rowland and Jim Butcher have all had covers he has provided. I want this as a Giclee. BUT, the price is $350.00! Ah! This was used as the cover to the newer paperback of Fires of Heaven. He needs a cheaper print. ?
  5. It has been about a year since I have read any of these books. I left off on The Great Hunt. That's where I will continue from. Super-exciting time to be a fan of this series. SO much has changed in the last year. We sold our house after a prolonged period of it on the market. It has been a challenge to adjust to a smaller place. We work a lot of hours. Any reading I do I cherish. We have a plant shutdown soon. Can't wait for a vacation. In less than a year we should be travelling. I want to do a travel blog/podcast. It might be about The Wheel of Time in other areas of the country. We plan on hitting all the places we want to see in the country. Would be awesome to attend some WoT-related cons or events. Looking forward to the TV series. Even more so as I see the castings. Should have some thoughts on The Great Hunt in the weeks to come
  6. I am really digging Dragonmount's new look. Well done, Jason! I hope to post more this year. I continue my belated re-read of the series. Something has been bugging me...How many myrddraal are there running around Randland during The Great Hunt? Hope more information is revealed in the later books. How RJ used the use of rumor to spread information was really outstanding. The frustration the Amyrlin seat must have felt trying to decipher rumor from truth would be immense.
  7. National Novel Writing Month has arrived! I tried, oh Light, I tried to do it again this year. But, I decided I am not a novelist. I think I can conjure up some decent imagery when I get running, but the long form escapes me. Investigative reporting is more my bag. I dig interviews and anecdotes on the creation of things. I have thought of writing a book about Robert Jordan. Daunting. I am giving a New Spring a go. I am supposed to be reading The Great Hunt, it is a small diversion. Back to writing. I think I have to write about something I am passionate about. That is the only way for me. National Novel Writing Month may be just what you need to get your creativity jump-started. go to NaNoWriMo.org for more info.
  8. Hope you all are safe and sound. If you live in Houston, my prayers are with you. Please donate to the Red Cross if you can. Here are some more ways to help. https://www.yahoo.com/news/help-victims-tropical-storm-harvey-212340221.html I hope that everyone stranded can be rescued in the next few hours and not days. I listen to a Legion of Superheroes comic book podcast called Legion of Substitute Podcasters and the guest host was saying that they have only received half of the rain expected. The other half is coming over the course of this whole week. My heart breaks for Houston as I sit here. I wish that there was more that I could do. Be safe.
  9. There are times when we have no choices. In these times, whether it is a job, or a location or a crazy relationship I find sanctuary in books. The pressure and stress can make me feel like a bear with its leg caught in a trap. I would not be able to write in this blog without books. Robert Jordan brought us together. I hope someone can find solace in his words. He writes much clearer and finer than I ever will. The limitations of talent are something I have come to terms with. There ma never be a full novel within me. That's o.k.. I have other avenues to pursue. Have you ever been so wrapped up in the stories that having to stop is gut wrenching? They help us get by. They help me get by. I will look around my workplace during break time or at a coffee shop and I will see everyone absorbed in their phones. I do the same with books. But every time I start reading someone usually has to comment or ask about it. The best thing I can do is just promote the Wot or whatever I am reading. More on my re-read of Great Hunt. Life is better and keeps on getting better.
  10. Part of it is my work environment. But, besides reading Game of Thrones years ago, WoT has drawn me in like nothing before or since.
  11. This summer has been pretty rough. Long long hours at work. Lately, I have felt crushed under the weight of it all. My reading has stalled. It is my own fault. I can't seem to focus on things for very long. Can't wait until the autumn is here. Pumpkins and cider. The crispness in the air and that aura of mystery that seems to fall upon even the most familiar places. Have you found your strength in these stories? I know that I have. I look at Lan and feel inspired. Take the ordeals that the man has gone through and glean inspiration from the character.
  12. I am glad to hear it!! I have watched a lot of clips from past Jordancons. I will have to do that this weekend. My life has been a wreck. More blogging soon.
  13. The image for this entry was painted by the great Don Dos Santos. My favorite favorite WoT artist. This picture of Moiraine is from the trade paperback of Fires of Heaven. I have longed for a print of it, but he only had 100 made recently for $250. Too much for me to spend on one print like that. This is how I see her on my mind. She is one of my favorite characters by far. Jordancon is this weekend!! I hope nothing but great times for all of you who are attending. I am unable to attend this year. Although I am planning on going next year. Harriet McDougal was clearing out her desk and found some signed bookplates of Robert Jordan for the Charity Auction. Good luck bidding! If you want to float one my way for an early birthday present....just saying. How have the Jordancons been in years past? I would love to hear stories. There is nothing cooler than meeting people who geek out about the same things. I recently joined a Jordancon costumers group on Facebook. Amazing amazing work that these folks are doing. I could rock a Gleeman or an Andor guard. Spring is here and winter seems to be kept at bay for now. Spring has come to Fal Dara too in TGH. Also, the Amyrlin Seat has arrived. Geez. I need to really get on with my reading. I have been binge reading X-Men and Legion of Superheroes comics. No longer! Well, it is Latte Wednesday for my wife and I. I know that it is really Tuesday, but when you work nights this is our Wednesday. More tomorrow. I want to discuss some Aes Sedai...
  14. I have a few things on my Kindle like the YA version of Eye of the World From the Two Rivers. I had to have it for the new introduction. Very cool if anyone hasn't read it.
  15. What is everyone's preferred format to read the Wheel of Time? I have a trade paperback version of Great Hunt that I am using. I dig that format the best. There is nothing like a hardcover, but I think that the big paperback is easier to transport without damage. I am afraid to read my paperback of Fires of Heaven or Lord of Chaos and have them split. I have a few things on Kindle. That has never been something that has knocked my socks off. What is yours?
  16. After a very very long delay, I am back to read the series. Last month, I tried to do a 30 Days of Westeros event on my Facebook. (even though I forgot that February doesn't have 30 days), I made it about 18 days before it got away from me. I don't intend to let that happen with this blog. Life has been quite insane the last month. I started a job that I haven't done in years, my wife and I went on a mini-vacation and I had jury duty. This week should be the first quasi-normal week that I have had in a while. I have been reading a lot of comic book. They are bite-sized and I can read several in no time at all. I have been longing for Randland and all these characters. I miss being consumed by the Wheel of Time. Through my re-read of this novel, I will try and put my own opinions on the characters, setting, etc. Mostly, I will vent. This blog is currently the only source of writing in my life. I hope to change that in the future. The WoT community has been amazing to me over the years. It is the best fandom community I have ever encountered. So, I am only on the prologue... Onwards!!
  17. Happy Holiday! I have been behind on my reading on account of the Holidays. Learned today that we lost Carrie Fisher. This on top of George Michael. Too much 2016. Ugh. I am looking to 2017. I don't like New Year's resolutions, but I think there is something to be said for looking back on the past year. I started re-reading the Wheel of Time. I went through some major job changes at work. Picked up my guitar again. In a really good place in my life. Hope everyone is doing well. Hope 2017 surprises you and more importantly I hope you surprise yourself this year. More soon...
  18. The Wheel turns and turns.... I have started the Great Hunt. A long, long time since I have read this. My wife won some money at our work Christmas party. So, she bought a copy of A Memory of Light for me. I have a long way to go. But, these books aren't a chore or anything. I don't think I will throw them across the room like I did the Martin books. The passages with the Tower resonant with me greatly. The characters of Nynaeve and Egwene really come alive in The Great Hunt. Jordan was the master of characterization. The world building too. But, I think the way that each individual character has a different voice is astounding. Look at any individual innkeeper in the Eye of the world. Each is different. The inns are important also in gauging the change in distance and geography in the books. I mean, the scope changes with the characters travels in that we get this real change in culture. The arrival in Baerlon contrasts the countryside of Two Rivers. It gives Rand and co culture shock. So often in books these kinds of details are glossed over. The layers in this tale are more profound that I had realized on a first read. All these little plot Easter Eggs I picked up on. The Aiel references sprinkled throughout. A point a friend of mine brought up after I had finished it the first time. That Rand had felt deathly ill after first Channeling. These things are impossible to notice unless you are re-reading the work. I remember the last third of the book taking place in Fal Dara. I couldn't believe that RJ had the company go from The Queen's Blessing to Fal Dara in like two chapters. Incredible storytelling. We have four days of work left. These books, this world has become a wonderful escape. I will be thankful when this dreadful year of 2016 is over. I will try and blog more than once a year.
  19. The Dark One defeated in the Blight! Rand faces his first big showdown. Many, many years since I read this book. I originally put all kinds of notes on a bookmark when I read the first three novels. That grew into a three page multi-faceted thing hardly equipped for bookmarking. Now, I will just look it up online and try not to spoil. There were huge sections of Eye that I didn't remember at all. The Worms chasing Team Rand into the Green Man's forest, the details of the Ways. Loial's reactions were great. I found myself really swept away with these characters again. The subtle romance between Lan and Nynaeve was bittersweet indeed. I have given myself a little time to come down from this experience. My wife and I are trying to catch up on The CW Arrowverse shows. Invasion! Things at work are full steam ahead crazy. Sneaking away to Randland is fun. Next stop is The Great Hunt! (My favorite so far!!)
  20. At the rate I am going I will finish these books in ten years. Had a massive allergic reation to the Bactrim that was perscribed to me for the prostate infection. I broke out into hives all over my body, had a three day fever and was generally laid out for three days last week. Things are much better. We did get hit with a massive snowstorm. Took me about an hour and a half to drag my hatchback through the dunes of snow on our sidestreet road. I dream about the Pacific Northwest. I want to live where it doesn't snow like this. There will be nothing to keep us here in a few years. Pay off the debts and put the house up for sale. The Eye of the World is all about Darkfriends. Nicely done by RJ. Especially enjoyed the Gode crispy corpse in Rand's dream.
  21. Boy how I hate the Children of the Light! The small passage where RJ describes Hopper wanting to soar like an eagle almost freaking crushed me. Wow! He was amazing. Have this prostate infection that was hurting for two weeks. Getting through it with 6 weeks of antibiotics. Having a lot of stress at work. But there is reading and Randland to escape within. I worry that I have more in common with fictional people than real ones. Going to start notes on the series as I go. Put all of Min's viewings together...things that I notice on re-reading. For instance, how the Tinkers are called the Lost ones by the Aiel. Hmmmm... More later
  22. It has been an eternity since I have written a blog entry. I have been re-reading Eye of the World for the first time in awhile. There are an incredible amount of details that I completely forgot about. For instance, Rand dreaming of The Ways before he enters them, the story about the Aiel and the Travelling people in the Aiel Waste. All around it is Game of Thrones mania. I dig Martin alot. He has written beautiful words and beautiful worlds. But RJ has this consistency of world building that is quite intoxicating. Life has derailed me from reading any prose. But I am struggling for escapism. And oh The Children of the Light...
  23. I wonder if JD Salinger struggled with rewrites. My would be novel is a sprawling Lovecraftian many tentacled beast. NaNoWriMo was an incredible experiance . But picking up the remains...out of the whole mess I have managed to salvage around 4 pages. Four! These aren't even related to the main plot. Oh well, nothing to do except get my hands dirty or stop crying about it,
  24. The screening was awesome. It is the Superman movie that I have been waiting for my whole life. As much as I love the Chris Reeves stuff, this is so much better, They furnished us with 3d glasses and it was all free. My wife really liked it and she is the last person to say she likes Superman anything. You will all love this.
  25. I feel like a dork. A major dweeb. Through my semi-local comic shop Vault of Midnight in Ann Arbor. I was able to RSVP for a Man of Steel advanced screening tomorrow night. Besides loving the WOT I am a huge Superman fan. I should post the Superman Snuggie....no. Word has been buzzing about this movie forever. I wanted to totally geek out last summer and stake out in Plano Illinois just to see the camera crews. I am giddy with excitement. Just around the corner on the 21st, my birthday. I hate looking back. No regrets. I don't live like that.
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