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  1. We arrived in Minneapolis last Monday. The very same day George Floyd was murdered by the cops here. We are trying to navigate the Twin Cities while the country is on fire. The 3rd Precinct Building was burned to the ground not 6 miles from where we are. We are staying across the street from The Mall of America. The Mall should have opened yesterday. Instead, no one knows when it will. I have landed several jobs and one on-going job opportunity in downtown Minneapolis. The main stress in my life is finding an apartment. The natural thought for us was to get the hell o
  2. Tonight I am leaving a job that I have had for fifteen years. I wish I could say I am emotional about the whole thing. Perhaps I will be. The Coronavirus news is crazy. Every major festival, concert or any place where groups gather is affected. We have a month to visit all of our favorite places in Michigan. I hope all of the places we wanted to visit across the country will re-open. Broadway is closing up until April 12th. Disneyland is closed. It won't be long until every major concert tour is cancelled as the virus has been declared a Pandemic. I find this al
  3. Thanks for the kind words! Cheers!
  4. As I type this, Halloween is ending. It is a cold, rainy/snowy evening for the kids to Trick or Treat in. I am snug and warm in our apartment. Early in the year, we sold our house. It was a crazy 9 month selling process. Halloween (our favorite time of year) was not celebrated. We didn't do any of our traditions. This year I made a list. A list of what orchards to hit, where to get donuts..etc. I think we managed to get through 60% of the list. My wife and I work at the same place. Lots of 10 hour days. It has been a good Halloween season overall. I just get bummed when i
  5. This is my favorite piece of artwork in the world. It was created by Dan dos Santos. He's a wonderful cover artist. He did all the covers to Firefly: leaves on the wind. The works of Patricia Briggs, Diana Rowland and Jim Butcher have all had covers he has provided. I want this as a Giclee. BUT, the price is $350.00! Ah! This was used as the cover to the newer paperback of Fires of Heaven. He needs a cheaper print. ?
  6. It has been about a year since I have read any of these books. I left off on The Great Hunt. That's where I will continue from. Super-exciting time to be a fan of this series. SO much has changed in the last year. We sold our house after a prolonged period of it on the market. It has been a challenge to adjust to a smaller place. We work a lot of hours. Any reading I do I cherish. We have a plant shutdown soon. Can't wait for a vacation. In less than a year we should be travelling. I want to do a travel blog/podcast. It might be about The Wheel of Time in other area
  7. I am really digging Dragonmount's new look. Well done, Jason! I hope to post more this year. I continue my belated re-read of the series. Something has been bugging me...How many myrddraal are there running around Randland during The Great Hunt? Hope more information is revealed in the later books. How RJ used the use of rumor to spread information was really outstanding. The frustration the Amyrlin seat must have felt trying to decipher rumor from truth would be immense.
  8. National Novel Writing Month has arrived! I tried, oh Light, I tried to do it again this year. But, I decided I am not a novelist. I think I can conjure up some decent imagery when I get running, but the long form escapes me. Investigative reporting is more my bag. I dig interviews and anecdotes on the creation of things. I have thought of writing a book about Robert Jordan. Daunting. I am giving a New Spring a go. I am supposed to be reading The Great Hunt, it is a small diversion. Back to writing. I think I have to write about something I am passionate about. That is the
  9. Hope you all are safe and sound. If you live in Houston, my prayers are with you. Please donate to the Red Cross if you can. Here are some more ways to help. https://www.yahoo.com/news/help-victims-tropical-storm-harvey-212340221.html I hope that everyone stranded can be rescued in the next few hours and not days. I listen to a Legion of Superheroes comic book podcast called Legion of Substitute Podcasters and the guest host was saying that they have only received half of the rain expected. The other half is coming over the course of this whole week. My heart breaks for Houston as
  10. There are times when we have no choices. In these times, whether it is a job, or a location or a crazy relationship I find sanctuary in books. The pressure and stress can make me feel like a bear with its leg caught in a trap. I would not be able to write in this blog without books. Robert Jordan brought us together. I hope someone can find solace in his words. He writes much clearer and finer than I ever will. The limitations of talent are something I have come to terms with. There ma never be a full novel within me. That's o.k.. I have other avenues to pursue. Have you ever bee
  11. Part of it is my work environment. But, besides reading Game of Thrones years ago, WoT has drawn me in like nothing before or since.
  12. This summer has been pretty rough. Long long hours at work. Lately, I have felt crushed under the weight of it all. My reading has stalled. It is my own fault. I can't seem to focus on things for very long. Can't wait until the autumn is here. Pumpkins and cider. The crispness in the air and that aura of mystery that seems to fall upon even the most familiar places. Have you found your strength in these stories? I know that I have. I look at Lan and feel inspired. Take the ordeals that the man has gone through and glean inspiration from the character.
  13. I am glad to hear it!! I have watched a lot of clips from past Jordancons. I will have to do that this weekend. My life has been a wreck. More blogging soon.
  14. The image for this entry was painted by the great Don Dos Santos. My favorite favorite WoT artist. This picture of Moiraine is from the trade paperback of Fires of Heaven. I have longed for a print of it, but he only had 100 made recently for $250. Too much for me to spend on one print like that. This is how I see her on my mind. She is one of my favorite characters by far. Jordancon is this weekend!! I hope nothing but great times for all of you who are attending. I am unable to attend this year. Although I am planning on going next year. Harriet McDougal was clearing out her desk and fou
  15. I have a few things on my Kindle like the YA version of Eye of the World From the Two Rivers. I had to have it for the new introduction. Very cool if anyone hasn't read it.
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