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  1. They were holding them for quite long periods, not just a few minutes, but you're right that gateways take a significant amount of strength to make and maintain.
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetism
  3. I would not mind you in my thread if you were not so clearly mad.
  4. There most definitely are prayers and ceremonies. The interesting thing about the world of the Wheel is that people behave as if evidence for their Creator is commonly available. You're right though that there does seem to be plenty of reason for people to doubt.
  5. You could say that New Threads itself is an indication but it would be debatable. I think there's more evidence for the position that the Creator created all the threads at once and no actual new ones have been inserted since then.
  6. Good work. Mat eventually gets an apology but you'll be waiting a while...
  7. I don't believe there's a large enough population of Tuatha'an for a sparking male channeler to occur very often at all.
  8. Someone before mentioned they were prepared for Seanchan to be a nation of darkfriends. It seems plausible to me that Ishamael deliberately created this image for the purpose of fostering hostility between Seanchan and the Westlands. If one side thinks the other is composed of darkfriends then they're hardly likely to unite against the Dark One when the time comes.
  9. If I remember rightly there are seven ages to the Wheel.
  10. An Aiel name is the whole name. Think in terms of shortening 'Aviendha' to 'Avi' rather than in terms of shortening 'Rand al'Thor' to 'Rand'.
  11. Sure but this argument isn't about the act of shielding, it's about holding a shield. Rand shields them both and continues weaving a dozen or so other things at the same time. If it's really that much harder to hold a shield on someone of the opposite gender then any attempt at all by either girl to break free should have succeeded easily. That's a good point, it lends weight to the position that shielding is more difficult across genders.
  12. Zarine never stops being annoying. Never. Even when she's not around.
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