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  1. k. I voted for Nyn, Mainly because I also hated her early in the series, but grew to love her as she grew. Mat was my close second, but I liked Mat from the beginning, only disliking him while he was under the influence of the SL Dagger. I agree that it takes a good author to transform a hated character to a loved one. Mat was a character that was loved from the beginning, whereas Nynaeve managed to change my opinion of her totally (even before TGS and ToM).
  2. Simple. It wasn't touching his skin for the duration of the healing (which we know seems like forever, but actually happens within a couple seconds).
  3. Just noticed something about the timeline for Verin in tSR. She was in the TR before Fain/Ordieth killed Perrin's family. The thought occurred to me that possibly her letter to Galad may have included a letter to be passed along to Bornhald or possibly informing Galad of events there causing him to speak to Bornhald, which led up to Bornhald's admission to it to Perrin. Yeah, I know it's out there and "why not just send a letter to Perrin?" and all that, but it was just a thought I figured I'd add.
  4. I agree about Siuan. She did not need to die and the way and how of it disappointed me greatly. I feel the way you do in that she "did not need to die", but by the same token I think that I was that much more invested in the story once her death hit me. As a major secondary character, subconsciously during my first reading (consciously during latter readings), I easily accepted her death as one who (exactly like Egwene) gave her own life to forward the goals of the Light. It was only later that I questioned her death. Now, after 3 re-reads including aMoL, I accept it as the only possible out
  5. The way I read the "no evil w/o the DO" is similar to the Catholic version of Original Sin. In Genesis, in the Garden, Adam and Eve (and presumably all other humans in existence) would have lived out their entire lives never having eaten the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge (following God's command) if the Serpent had not convinced Eve to taste the fruit and give it to Adam. Without the DO, humans of Randland would obey the Creator's commands and live in the Light (always finding beauty in everything, even tragedy). "And how do they retain that choice once he is completely sealed away from
  6. Furyk Karede Tylee I'd also like to know the eventual outcome of the Children of the Light as an organization, as well as what happens with Berelain and Galad. And I'm curious what happens with Nynaeve in 50 years. We know that she will be Queen of Malkier, and we can presume that the land will flourish and the people will rebuild. But sometime in the next 50 to 100 years Lan will die, and I'd like to know what happens to her then. Does she continue to rule, step down in favor of one of her children, move back to Taralon/Tar Valon to get away from painful memories, etc...
  7. I may be very wrong here, but I have a vague recollection that Semirhage used TAR to locate the generals and then stepped out of TAR to perform compulsion in the waking world? That was for Compulsion, but she was messing with all of the General's dreams. Perrin saw her do it with Bashere and all 4 Generals were described as behaving tired and not sleeping well, but Ituralde was the only one we have direct evidence of the dreams being altered because he started dreaming about chowing down on his own children. She was Traveling back to the real world in each location too, but it seems I rememb
  8. In TDR Ch 6 after Rand leaves the camp and the group are gathered in Moiraine's hut we are told ... Moiraine answered calmly. “Aes Sedai learn to shield their dreams. I do it without thinking, when I sleep. Warders are given something much the same in the bonding. The Gaidin could not do what they must if the Shadow could steal into their dreams. We are all vulnerable when we sleep, and the Shadow is strong in the night.” Lanfear later tells Rand that she could break through the shielding he put on his dreams if she chose to, but that he wouldn't like it (sorry, don't have the quote ha
  9. I had to pick Mellar. To me he was almost the Anti-Lan of the series. Where Lan has skills and uses them for the Light, even to the perceived detriment of his own desires (i.e. duty before all), Mellar/Hanlon has a similar (NO, I'm not saying he could beat Lan!) skillset to Lan. As an agent of the Shadow, Mellar was fairly successful in fulfilling his role and his orders. He gradually advanced through the ranks of the Chosen until he finally served Moridin directly and had Dreadlords answering to his command. I agree that he lives only because of the weakness of the Light (Elayne should have h
  10. I'm not sure if this is actually an erroror just something that I lack further info about, but in tDR Moraine implies that Lan's dreams are protected from Ba'alzamon's influence by the Warder bond when she is telling Perrin why she can't protect his dreams from wolves. Now, in aMoL, we see Suian's Warder have his dreams influenced. How? Did Hessalam know things about TAR and the Warder protections that Moridin/Ishy doesn't know? (Doesn't make sense when you think about the fact that the current Age is brand new to Graendal where as Ishamael started the Black Ajah 2000 years ago).The way Morain
  11. Liked the Rand/Mat EB conversation. Loved the "double-bonding". I was hoping it would work the way it did. Loved the Tam/Rand sparring Liked Mat telling Elayne that he wasn't going to tell her the new plan. Elayne's exclamation of "Creator shelter us" and Mat's response of "That's what Tuon said." Captured the three of them perfectly. I laughed out loud over it.
  12. Noticed on a re-read that the conversation in Ch 9 between Agelmar and Lan, when Agelmar says they have to retreat and calls Lan selfish, nicely parallels the conversation between the same two people in TEoTW in Fal Dara. But then Agelmar was trying to convince Lan to lead and attack the Gap, where as here he is convincing a Lan who leads to retreat from attacking the Gap. In both cases, Agelmar calls Lan 'Dai-Shan' and uses duty to compel him.
  13. I agree that it will be Moiraine. I think it will be her because Mat gave up 1/2 the light of the world to "save the world" which means that she has some knowledge that Rand will require to "save the world" (I'm thinking that she asked the Foxes for the knowledge of how to seal the Bore or kill the DO). We know that she got 3 things from the Foxes, but so far we only know 1 of the things (the angreal) She had reason to suspect the Foxes could do implant knowledge directly to her (she had already had suspicions about Mat's battle skill, so it would make sense for her to ask for knowledge and we
  14. It could be a reference to the line from either the Essanik Cycle (sp?) or The Prophecy of the Dragon the refers to the "blind man standing on his own grave" which didn't happen until VoG in TGS. In other words could have been very subtle foreshadowing,but at the time when I read it I thought it simply referred to that he could not overlook the battlefield the way he had at the begining of the battle.
  15. She left her training early. That's the only excuse I can think of and the one that most Eggy fans will probably fall back on. We definitely see nothing from her Dreaming that even comes close to the letter the WO's sent to Moiraine in the Stone of Tear. They included specifics like dates, and people. She can sometimes get the people right, but we have yet to her her have an experience that would allow the type of date accuracy that the WO's showed.
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