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HI! *Waves*


Place has really changed and I don't know any of you but HI! nonetheless!


Whats been going on over the last 4 years or so I've been away?


Rune, maker and drinker of fine Ashabrews everywhere!

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Ahhhh C4 my old friend. Of course I still prefer napalm and its sticky icky goodness! ;)



Ashabrew is indeed a potent drink, caused many a ruckus here in the old days -insert daydreams of past sequence here-



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Good thing I didn't do the OTHER daydream sequence, I'd have set to blushing right quick! :oops:


Thanks for all the welcomes. I am not sure how active I will be as I am fairly active in life, hence my several year absense. Place looks in good order and I dig the new look and fast forums. Y'all seem pretty cool.


Roka, is this the same Roka from years back?

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Well I'm glad to be back, this place was like home for a long long time. Ok silly question.. those of you who seem to know me I am unsure who you are!



Demandred.. still the same one?


I'm old now you know, so may brain is a little addled!



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