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  1. oh ya kiana is on a a LOA and will be back wednesday i believe so ill tell her when she gets back
  2. *walks through playing a lute* Im singing a song, oh yes im singing a song and im not wearing a thong while im singing a song
  3. hehe im pretty sure she chose green and its cuz she wanted to i asked her a billion times if she was sure and shes like YES!!!!!!!! lol plus the fact that she has green aspie in her siggy
  4. hehe oh ya Kiana the greens dance alot :twisted: if u know what i mean
  5. Ill let her tell u what she has chosen cleo but u wont be disappointed :twisted:
  6. *takes his honey to the moon for a little honeymoon fun* woohoo *is actually in a room somewhere with the door locked* Fun time is about to start
  7. *channels all kinds of refreshments into the room* remember no such thing as too drunk
  8. *stands and kissed the brid.. i mean Kiana* *creates a bonding weave over her* *is now doubly bonded* NOW LETS PAR-TAY *pulls out TQ*
  9. *is waiting to be bonded by the beautiful Kiana* *is super excited*
  10. *takes Kiana's hands in his* Hello dear *kneels down* we Have spent time together, and we together have come to the conclusion that we need to be Bonded *Looks into Kiana's eyes* I vow to protect you always and keep you out of the moat, unless I throw u in I vow to make you smile when your sad, and help you through your hard times I vow to make sure u always feel loved *waits for Kiana to say her lines*
  11. Hola HI *maze enters the hall in a nice warder uniform* Stands at the alter waiting for his lady
  12. Maze Kantul


    hey is it just me or is there an 'ads by gooooooogle' thing on the side of the screen that takes up part of the board??
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