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  1. OOC: Mind if I join? IC: Bratr was wandering again. He paid little attention to his surroundings as he was engrossed in a book he was reading. It spoke about the Hawking Era and about the siege of Tar Valon. He was at the moment reading about Arthur Hawking and his beginnings. It wasn't that interesting but Bratr wanted to get past the section quickly so he could finally start to read about the legendary battles, and how Hawking forged his empire. Bratr was careful to look up from time to time so he wouldn't bump into anyone. Then just as he was reading about some weird city old customs he heard the sound of hoof beats. Bratr looked up and had only time to jump sideways of the road as the horsemen thundered by. The man didn't stop but continued quickly on. Bratr had jumped without looking, accordingly he landed in a way he didn't exactly want to land. Bratr flung out his hands to break his fall. He he fell against the wall of the inn and tore up his black cloak. Great, that will probably earn me extra duties if there is an inspection. I guess reading in the street wasn't such a bright idea. Bratr dusted of his book. Some dirt had got caught in between the pages. Books were precious things. He needed to get the dirt out. I need a place to sit and do this right. Bratr then took bearings on his surroundings and looked up to see the inns sign. As if on cue his stomach growled. "Good a place as any." Bratr mummbled to himself and then pushed the door to the inn open. Most of the tables were taken so he took sat down at one near the back. The table right next to his was occupied by an Asha'man. Bratr tried to act inconspicuous as he ate. It wasn't that he was doing anything wrong, it was just that he was a soldier and he wasn't doing anything. If the Asha'man saw him, Bratr would probably spend the day soveling dirt and Bratr wanted badly to read.
  2. Definatly an intresting idea. Although I think Rand will die during the main battle. Although I think he will be tied to the Wheel like the other hero's but he will probably learn to step in and out of the Tar
  3. OOC: I borrowed Linten for a bit, hope you don't mind. It won't effect the story IC: Bratr got up and watched his superiors as they disarmed gaidan and shielded Aes Sedai. Wasn't he supposed to kill those that attacked? What was going on? Who was fighting who? Bratr saw an Aes Sedai look at him, he felt something striking at his connection to Saidan. Bratr struggled to hold on, the weave of spirit continued to press in. It was taking all his strength to slow the rate at which she was cutting him off. He couldn't move at all. Sweat poured down his face as each second seem to last a day. If he could've he would have thrown the Aes Sedai to break her concentration but he couldn't channel at all for fear of being cut off, forever. Suddenly the pressure relaxed and disapeared. The woman was now concentrating on one of his superiors, Rion if he recognized him right. He watched as his Superior not only defended himself but attacked also. That is strength, being able to fight and defeat without harming. That was the true power. Though the Aes Sedai may be able to win. The Dedicated, the Asha'man and the rest, they held true power. The power to save everyone, even their enemies. That was the power he wanted. Rion was straining. No one woman could do that to him. Where is the second one? Bratr's eyes fell on a woman that was looking intently at Rion. Maybe. Well whether it is or isn't the one, I can't do anything about it. She is too strong to sheild. Maybe though I can break her concentration till someone else shows up. Bratr drew on the source to the limit of his capabilities and then channeled, He tried to wave the earth, all he managed to do was create a small mole hill. It's to difficult to weave a wave of earth, but maybe I can shake it back and forth. Bratr channeled again, shaking the ground under the Aes Sedai, at first nothing seemed to be happening but after a few seconds of channeling the ground started to shake. Not much but enough, or so Bratr hoped.
  4. Bratr had heard the fellow soldiers bewildered shouts. Aes Sedai were attacking. Bratr knew that every able bodied man would be eventually sent anyway so he quickly grabbed his sword and ran for towards the direction the soldier had been pointing. His feet covered the ground at a moderate pace. He didn't rush, he rarely did anything quickly because it exhausted him. Anyway, he knew that a tiered soldier was no soldier at all. Bratr formed the void with some difficulty because thoughts about Aes Sedai and war filled his mind. How did they find us, I thought the farm was supposed to be a hidden location. What do they think they can do? We will be fighting on home turf. It isn't like Aes Sedai to attack at random. They were negotiators, puppeteers. Not warriors, at least thats what he had thought till now. No he still thought so. They don't do thinks without cause. There must be a reason. Somehow they have discovered our position, and they have probably gotten information about our numbers. Those overconfident witches. They must have an insider. I doubt it is an Channeler, but maybe one of the serving staff. The question was whether that person was still here or whether they had left and were among the Aes Sedai. Bratr could now here the sounds of fighting. Metal ringing as it met metal. Screams filled the air. Explosions of fire and earth could be heard and seen as clouds of dust rose up. Bratr kept running till he topped a small rise in the land. He stopped and stood staring down at the battlefield that lay carpeted with bodies. Blood flowed everywhere. Bratr knees buckled and he fell to the ground. He hadn't known what to expect, but this was beyond his wildest nightmares. Never had he seen such a site. So many men and woman dead, all in one spot. Bratr watched in horror as a group of Warders were cut open by blades of Earth and Fire from the ground. The site was gruesome. Bratr forced himself to rise. His feet and fear wanted him to turn and run, but his sense of duty and honor made him move forward. He started out at a walking pace. Soon though adreneline filled him and he drew on Saidan like never before. So much power, Bratr knew he could channel large amounts but he also knew that Aes Sedai had much more skill and experience. Even those who couldn't hold as much as him would be able to kill him. Bratr Drew his sword and took of at a run. He aimed to cut of a warder that was moving towards an Asha'man he didn't recongnize. As he slid in front of the Warder he saw a fleeting look of surprise on the warder's face as he realized how young his opponent was. Then the warder swung a blow that would have killed him if he hadn't raised his sword quickly enough. The blow was quickly supported by another and then another. Bratr realized just how big a mouth full he had bitten off. Bratr panicked and tried to back away. Instead he tripped and fell on his back. The warder moved forward and stabbed downward. Bratr half-closed his eyes and channeled the only thing that came to mind. The Warder burst into flame and his sword fell harmlessly to one side. Bratr breathed out heavily. His chest heaved and he saw that their was blood coming from his finger. Must have been cut by my crosspiece during one of the blows.
  5. Occ: this is my post if I am allowed to take part Bratr moved to stand and face Vykor. The rain was beginning to get on hos nerves. He hopped from foot to foot. His shoulder was hurting from his long months couped up in the sick bay. He spat at the ground to clear his mouth and then he looked Vykor in the eye and bent his head just enough for the courtesy required from a Soldier to a Dedicated. Bratr formed the Void like he had been taught. Burning all his emotion and thought, throwing it into that thin flame in the center of darkness. Bratr drew his sword and attacked swinging low, aiming at Vykor's left knee. Just before he met blades with Vykor he changed the swords direction and cut at Vykor's shoulder. He was denied blood by Vykor's sword. Bratr had to concentrate on maintaining the void as uncertainty threatened to envelope him. Attack. Defend. Attack. Defend. Sword met sword as they danced. They carried on, neither giving an inch. Bratr several times though he saw an opening, only to be denied by Vykor's fast movements. Bratr fought technically, meeting the attacks mechanically and without flourish. Even his attacks were though surprising to some, in reality very organized and predictable. Bratr didn't have the speed nor the strength of Vykor and soon felt frustrated and weary of the constant ringing of blades. Bratr started to rely on deflecting Vykor's blade rather then meeting it head on how he had been for part of the fight. After another few thrusts and parries Vykor's eyes seemed to become distant for a moment. Bratr struck, River Undercuts the Bank. CLANG! Somehow Vykor managed to stop his blade. Still Bratr had to grin. He had finally caught Vykor of guard. As Vykor danced back Bratr watched him carefully. Bratr moved as soon as Vykor twitched. Cat Dances on the Wall met (sorry can't think of good counter form). Bratr was about to congratulate himself when he was forced to scramble as Hummingbird Kisses the Honeyrose flew towards him. Bratr wasn't smiling anymore. Now their was a grim mask of determination on his face as he circled Vykor.
  6. OCC: Bratr is a soldier, but could he take part? I haven't rp'ed in a while and I can't seem to find a way to get back in.
  7. I agree with all four points I think MoL will have to be amazing to finish the story strongly
  8. I am guessing, you didn't have a tape recorder :D
  9. My thoughts on theology of WoT Bible 20 2 2He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. 20 7 7When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison WoT Do sealed away. Now he is breaking free, creator ain't stopping him Bible Jesus, believe in him and be saved WoT Rand (Dragon) believe join and be saved
  10. Another thing about inconsitancies is that 1. RJ had to make SOME changes in order to allow for certain events 2. The characters in the books are constently gaining new abilities 3. Each Aes Sedai is different in their stregths so that may have something to do with feeling warders 4. Rand can channel so bonds with him and other ashaman have differences from normal bondings 5. The bonding doesn't give a direction nor place exactly, but that doesn't mean that those bonded can't at least now the cardinal direction of their partner. 6. Also Glossaries don't have every single background detail to explain it. We are supposed to read the books. The glossary is just a back up so we don't go of thinking that bonding is a board game.
  11. (Note i am sorry but I can't keep up with Rping at the moment)
  12. Bratr calmley stood up as Ged came to stand in the center of the training grounds. Bratr thought about his time spent here so far and looked at the others. Aslan he had met. As he looked at the other faces it seemed to him that he must be the youngest and that he must be the only one who had spent much time at the Tower yet. Or so he thought. “Good morning to you all. Report your name and rank before you start to show me what you manage to do in terms of using the One Power as a means to attack and defend yourself as this is what you are here to learn.†"Midar Soldier of the Black Tower" As usual they were asked to stae their rank, why Midar was sure he'd never know. I mean Soldier training is for soldiers. “I want you to listen closely and memorize every word that I say. Anyone who deems himself superior enough to show disrespect to my orders will have to explain himself in front of the M´Hael before receiving his rightful punishment by me.†Midar thought about the M'Heal, he had never met him but had heard he wasn't one to bother with little trifles. I wonder what would happen if Ged did something wrong. He would probably get more then a talking to. Superior power had to be balanced by better self control and responsibility. Midar had learned a lot just watching the going ons of the Tower. “Now that this is settled, I want you to show me what you know about wards. Just keep it simple. A simple ward of Earth, Fire, Air, Water or Spirit can sometimes be enough to block the most fervent foe.†Midar Searched for saidan and drew on the power. Holding the power was becoming so simple it was alost scary. Midar had sometimes found himself holding the power when he walked into a building or while walking down the street near someone he didn't trust. It seemed like he was starting to unconsiencly channel. Shaking the thought from his head Midar wove carefully. A thick strand of fire, streghtned with earth, and spirit. He even added spirit, water and air in smaller amounts. Midar had found that he could hold channel large ammount of the One Power. But he had trouble channeling it skillfully. His ward was strong but it had taken him a long time. Ugh how was he to make a ward fast enough to defend against an enemy.[/i]
  13. Yes There May be a Last Battle but it will be Alast battle not THE last battle
  14. OoC: Not that I mind at all but er My siggy is old and I forgot to change it, I am acctually a Soldier with no training what so ever. But I don't care if you want to promote me out of no reason. :lol: "I am Midar, and acctually I am a Soldier. This Pin is acctually just a lion pin I got in Andor from a Peddler, I even where it on the oppostite side but people still mix it up." Midar carefully took off the pin and looked at it. He wore it to remember who he had been before joining the Black Tower. Farm work had been different no less difficult and no less boring, only different. Slowly Midar pinned the Lion pin back on his coat. Time was a thing Midar had too much of lately. Midar had thought about leaving a couple times but doubted he would enjoy freedom very much or for very long. He looked at Dasiva. The man always looked like the world was sitting on his sholders. Well maybe it was. Midar didn't know much about politics or the wars going on. Midar mainly read about past stories, Arther Hawking, Jack Strider, Rock Eye the Warrier, and Briggete and her silver bow. Yes Stories always were better then the real world. Midar channeled air to lift a tea kettle and poured himself a mug. Lifting it to his lips he sniffed it. On his way from Andor he had learned to watch out for poisen, though here most things were protected by a weave against tampering. Still it paid off to be careful.
  15. Entering the Inn Midar looked at those present. A woman and a Soldier sat beside each other. Midar looked at the otherwise empty inn. Walking slowly towards the counter he looked more closely at the two customers. He hadn't seen either before. But the woman he had heard of. She had been once linked to Dashiva but he hadn't really listened. Coming up he greeted the two people. "Hello, I hope the Light has been with you."
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