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Hey, Lor, before I forget, I just wanted to say I had a dream about you the other night!




I don't remember all the details, because that's usually the case with my dreams, but I remember that it was a GOOD dream, and that YOU were in it. :D




See, you're so awesome that I dream about you at night!


Add that to your list of accomplishments... :P

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I had a dream that I drove my car to a football game (US football, not soccer :P) and I parked the car in the parking lot.  I got out and went with the crowd, but then I realized I had forgotten my ticket and went back and my car was gone.  I spent the rest of the dream taking a ride in a military transport truck to find it.  I woke up before I could.


I have never dreamed of DM or its residents.  Not that I recall. :-\


But I think if I were to dream about someone here, I would want it to be Lor. *nods*

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Just proof that neither of them appreciate how hard I work my butt off for them.


*smirks* It's either that or they're having those dreams and don't want to admit it.


I'm going to smile and forget the first part. Option #2 is way more fun to entertain. ;)



*hugs and smiles at mmeesh* Sorry I didn't catch this until tonight. I've been at school working my tail off, getting up WAY too early to be on TV and then crashing WAY too early because of it. *laughs* Remind me to give you an extra hug come the first weekend of September when THESE people *waves at the troublemakers* will be wishing they were in Atlanta. ;)

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