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So anyhow, I love you guys!


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And you know why? I'm not sure! So, I'm moving away from wherever it is I'm living at the moment to somewhere completely different in only 25 or so days (O_o) and I realized that that'll mean going away from pretty much all of my friends. This scares me a little, but then I started thinking of you lot, and how you're pretty much always here. Does this mean I'm going to forsake everything and everyone I know to spend all my time infront of a computer? I guess not, but I don't know. You're all pretty awesome, yeah.


Anyhow, I figure that's a nice way to open a rant, I feel like ranting, as it pleases me. And it's the middle of the night, and I've nothing better to do. I figure I'll go and make myself a cuppa tea and read some sandman in a while, but until then, you're all I've got, and you better damn well like it. I just saw I love you, Man, a movie featuring the comedic stylings of Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. It was pretty funny and heartwarming and all that, go see it, yeah? I feel like I'm running out of stuff to say already, which deflates my massive ego a bit, but I can inform you that I'm pretty thirsty and craving moisture. And this I leave you, with a rant that turned out quite a but shorter than I imagined it'd be. Cheerio, and all that.

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Guest dragonsworn1991

Awww Demi. Everything will be alright. Moving just gives you new opportunities to meet new people and stun them with your nude glory.

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Ack my Beard! You leave so soon? But..but.. We haven't even managed to set up the Fireflyaton! I blame you for this heinous neglecting! And now, you must call me. To ensure that not all is lost, and you all gone. Darn.. Time moves too quickly! ...And I don't want another "good-bye party" like the last one... where the ones who were leaving almost didn't show up?... Sucky.. Now contact me!

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