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Welcome CowardsLiveLonger!!!

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*takes Bandy away*


Eww. You don't want to drink any of that stuff...BELEIVE ME! :shock:


Here have some Guinfantry! *hands one over*


Oh and by the way, this won't really make sense now but it will eventually...


I'm one of the Infantry liasion officers so if you have any questions as a recruit just ask me and I can probably point you in the right direction...(or atleast make up something that sounds reasonable :lol: )


See ya around. 8)

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No, Mutt's right, you don't want any of that vile bandy. Or this "Guinfantry" whatever that is..they just made it up since the last drink they had was made with latrine water :wink:


*hands him an Archer flaming shot*

it's the only regiment drink worth trying


BTW I'm Leane, the Archer CG. Welcome to the band, CLL, I'm sure you'll have a blast.

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Ok! Here I am with the official spiel!


*official spiel*


Welcome CLL! (Is it ok to shorten your name so??) An email explaining important information about the Band is currently sitting in your inbox! Take a read!


Basically, the Band of the Red Hand is the Travel and Music ORG at DM! By signing up for the Band, you have joined the successful Raw Recruit Scheme. By signing up for the off board site, you will be able to experience the whole process to the maximum! The new Executive Officer, F Horn of Valere, or I, will assign you to one of the three Regiments (Archers, Cavalry, Infantry) for a week, where you will be given various tasks to perform, hoping that you will get a picture of what time in each Regiment is like. After a week with each Regiment, you will be asked to pick your final choice of a Regiment.


While being a Raw Recruit, there is nothing stopping you from earning points like any other Band member. Points lead to promotion within the Band. Below is a list of possible ways to earn points:


- writing reviews on places to visit/holidays you have been on

- writing reviews on music albums and gigs

- replying to other people's reviews and asking questions

- composing Jak O' the Shadow verses

- getting articles published in our monthly newsletter, The Hornsounder

- monthly roll call in the Band's private boards at DM

- any DM project we may have (currently a Battle Project, so speak to Horn if interested)

- and much much more I cannot think of right now!


If you complete your time as a Raw Recruit within 3 to 4 weeks, you will get a special award which you can add to your siggy as well!


While being a Raw Recruit, you get 4 free strikes. This enables you to break Band Law 4 times without being punished my the Redarms, the Band's own police force. If they see any Law breaking, they will either drag you up for a trial or give you a fun spot fine to do (usually 100 lines of something witty). Channeling is a major no-no in the Band. As is spilling Battle Brew, our beloved drink! Once you have used up your 4 strikes, or join the Band's ranks officially, you will face the full force of Band law like any other Bander does!


Of course, we are not all about working 24/7, as we do let our hair down now and then! We are famous for our bar brawls, which happen frequently! Expect one soon! We also like jokes, tales, funny pictures - things that will make us laugh!


We also have many games - at DM, which can be found in the stickies, and on the off board site as well! Also, take the lessons to learn our ORG Game, based on the luck of dice! You get the selected weapons of your division, and can fight anyone in the Band! It is currently being revised, but the ideas will all be the same!


If I have left anything out (which I expect I have!), do not hesitate to ask questions! Someone will be able to answer them for you!


One last thing...


*hands CLL a Marshal-General's Special Battle Brew*




*/official spiel*

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*Drinks brew and burps*


-sorry. Tastes sour......-


I am really unfamiliar with the org.

Am I supposed to join a Regiment or will I be invited? If so, where do I join?


Is there a private forum for the band for me to post my reviews and participate in tavern brawls and get a drink to quenchmy thirst?


Oh, as for the Band Law, how is it exactly enforced and where does it apply? Does it apply to this forum?


*Oops... slops some wine in a moment of carelessness*

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Guest Cadsuane

Don't listen to the two silly posters above me, they're just jealous, regretting their decision to join a regiment other than the Archers!! 8)

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Shorten my name to whatever you like!!!! My names Alex...... so thats cool too!!!!!

Well Corki said I should Post some stuff about myself so here goes!!!!

Im from UK

I play football at open age level (only 6 dvisions off the conference 8) )

I play alot of snooker

I have played guitar for about 4 years and Im pretty good :D

I like bands such as Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Powderfinger, Fuel, The Cure........ other stuff like that!!!!! I also like alot of newer punk, rock, indie and 'emo' if you must call it that.....

Im in a band called........ 'CowardsLiveLoger' hence the name......

Im 16

I read all the Harry Ptter books like 5 times (but they really suck ass!!!)

And I've read the full series of WoT and 'New Spring...... I dont have a favourite one...... and ummmmmm thats my life story!!! Goodnight!!!

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6 Divisions off the Conderence isn't too bad!! Is that the National Conference, or Conference North? I doubt it will be Conference South! ;) Which team do you support?? I am a Southampton fan for my sins!


Another Bander in a Band! It looks like Apollo may have some competition then! ;)


Welcome aboard, and have some fun with us! And make sure you sign up for the off board site (address is in email and PM), and start your Raw Recruit time! The sooner you start, the sooner you can finish!

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