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  1. I for one enjoyed it, and am glad you posted it where you did so I could see it!
  2. Actually - Buffy usually has a panel at D*Con every year, and Xander and Spike have appeared the last several years. And in Austin they have a Buffy Musical night where they play the musical and one other episode that night with mad sing alongs during the musical...
  3. Just one thing to say... Joss is my master now.
  4. Then don't. I believe Corki stated that we are in contact with Jason now, who has agreed to come to the boards, take a look and also answer questions and concerns. The issue was when we were feeling forced and looking at how to move a mountain. Questions are now getting answered from the source. That being said, I think the lighter note and the hijacking that was occurring was well-timed. I'll say again, if its band related, we have a thread going to discuss this. If you've decided you don't want to discuss it there, then let it go. And Sergurant, that's fine, I'll just take your speeder!
  5. You do know that the guy that gave the order did eventually die, don't you? I'm sorry, we took a vote and your geek card has been revoked.
  6. Ahh... but have you had a Guinfantry... that's just topper of any brew save MG Brew.
  7. See... you say D&D and I am pulling out my d20 and ready to role up a rogue... don't tease a girl like that.
  8. I know you are seeing post from band members that haven't posted here much outside of the band. I can tell you why I don't... its for this reason right here. If you express an opinion that can be held as controversial to the mass consensus you are shot with a flaming tar ball and told you are being an instigator. Truth of the matter is, nothing that has been done with the boards has affected us as the orgs in this manner. Now this does and we are speaking up. Instead of looking at the concerns people have become concerned with labeling people as hostile, pigheaded and just flat out elitist snobs. The orgs that have issues are typically going to be ones that have a lot of data, or use their offsite boards frequently. Others that will be hesitant to transition will be ones that have had encounters that have them a bit jaded. I don't think anyone at this time is sitting down with their arms crossed throwing a temper tantrum, I think we are asking for clarification and details. Each org has put significant amounts of time into making their respective orgs into what they are. As much pride as Jason takes in DM, and Kath takes in the forums, that's how much pride we as the orgs take in our communities. Stop and try and see it from the other side for just one second. Say that Jason says he's not going to support forums anymore, and you need to move all community type activity off to other sites. Think of the outcry and apprehension that each of the orgs would feel. The reason you see the band piping up now is because we have over 144 boards that we'd have to find a way to transition. And if we don't transition all, we have to understand the archiving policy, and then we have to decide what does need to be transitioned, and then we have our rank and mods to contend with on how we run the regiments. So, basically, and I am speaking to ALL band members here as well. Stay on the target problem. We are not discussing how you earn points, how things are done in the band, what we are discussing is the move, and how it impacts the band as a whole. We are trying to understand what the options are, and then will come to a decision once ALL facts are given to the orgs. Any other issues should be discussed within the band on whatever board you feel like talking on.
  9. As I am someone that is technical, and someone that has done some research - it is correct that the free boards such as exboards, proboards and the like, will not be able to transfer posts over except through the copy paste method. I'm against the move personally because I feel that it will detract from the individuality that each of the Orgs and divisions have made for themselves. They will be cookie cutter images of each other with the same board look. Plus just the statement that "all issues will be handled the same" to me screams that you don't trust the people that you've put in charge, or that have taken the task upon themselves to lead the orgs. You'll have people with administrative control over the orgs simply because they have administrative control elsewhere unless you take the time to pull up segregations of duty and create roles based on those boards they should or should not be allowed to see or administer. It has also been illustrated in the past that there is at times a lack of ability to set aside personal views and allow the org to run the way it wishes. I'm not one that will huff off and leave if you decide to do the merge, but I will be the one sitting here laughing and saying told you it wouldn't be as easy as you were touting it if it goes through.
  10. *chuckles* Well, now I see where the latrine diggers went to... Back to work! Corki is demanding a new potty by nightfall!
  11. Annya stood in shock as the door seemed to open unaided. Her eyes swung to the girl that was standing beside the wall. She gave Annya a small smile then scuttled off the way they had come. Annya straightened her shoulders, tilted her head up slightly and walked forward to stand in front of the woman behind the desk. She stared at the hazel eyed woman that she could not put an age to in slight wonder. Here at last was an Aes Sedai… a woman that could tell her if her dreams could come true or not. Annya forced herself to pay attention as the woman both sized her up and addressed her. “My name is Faerzyne Grigory, and I am the Mistress of Novices here at the Tower. How can I help you?†“I – My name is Annya Rowan… I’m from Whitebridge. I wanted to… I want to learn to be an Aes Sedai if it is possible. I’ve read so much about them – you – and I want to…†Annya trailed off. She really did sound like a foolish girl off chasing a dream and a story in a book. She started again, trying to school her face and curb her excitement. “I want to see if I can Channel. Andor has always held strong with the Tower, and I wanted to see if there was a place for me here.†Annya rubbed one bare foot on top of the other, not sure what she would do if she couldn’t learn, or if she was refused admittance to the Tower. She knew beyond a doubt that she would not return to her home. She couldn’t go back to the destiny that awaited her there. She wanted desperately to belong to something greater than herself. She kept her arms still by her sides and her eyes fixed on the Mistress of Novices’ eyes.
  12. Annya stared at the great tower that seemed to dwarf all other building near by. She had longed to be here, even when she had run from home and an impending marriage to a man she didn’t even know. Now face to face with her dreams she was scared and hesitant to put one foot in front of the other. She had longed for adventure, and adventure she had while getting from her home on a farm outside of Whitebridge to here. She had traveled alone and mostly under the cover of night when possible. She had ridden in several peddlers’ wagons in exchange for fixing meals over camp fires and in backs of haymows when she was tired. She had long walked through the shoes she had on her feet when she left, and the dress that she now wore was the only one left that was not full of holes. It would have been a feastday dress back home, but here among the people in Tar Valon it looked like homespun rags. Annya clutched the bundle in her arms like a security blanket. It was all she had left of home and fond memories. In it included two other dresses that had been worn through, the shoes that were shambles and the stockings that she no longer wore because her feet were bare on the paving stones. She had the map she had taken and several books in her parcel as well. They were her treasures, but now looking at the Tower before her she considered them garbage. Excitement prickled along her neck as she watched as soldiers crossed the bridge that she was standing next to and entered into one of the gates. Well, Annya, you have come this far. It would be a shame to turn back when your dreams are so close at hand. Make the step. A small pep talk to herself and Annya let the parcel drop from her arms and watched it splash into the river. It sank from view as Annya straightened her shoulders and took one step forward to the destiny she hoped to have. The wind caught and fanned out the long red hair like a banner behind her, whipping the cream colored dress about her legs. A smile played over her face lighting up her green eyes in anticipation. She had come far, but there was still farther to go. ************* She walked up the white marbled steps and into a chamber filled with people. Many were in white dresses some had bands on the bottom, some did not. Annya absently wondered if that meant anything. She fought hard to keep her hands still beside her as she waited for someone to come to her. A tap on her shoulder almost made her jump and scream, but then she found herself looking at another girl not much older than her own eighteen summers. She smiled at nodded. “Sorry, I am a bit… on edge.†“It’s understandable. Most people are when they first come to the Tower.†The girl with the deep brown hair and eyes said as she smiled. “Now, may I ask your business with the White Tower?†Annya nodded and hoped that she didn’t get laughed out of the Tower for this answer. “I want to see… I want to be an Aes Sedai, and I want to see if I can. My name is Annya Rowan and I come from Whitebridge…†The girl wrote her name on the tablet she carried and nodded, still smiling at her. “Fewer and fewer people come every year wanting that, at least that’s what every sister says in one lesson or another. Well, Annya Rowan, it looks like we need to see if you can even learn. I’ll take you to the Mistress of Novices. She’ll know what to do from there. Follow me.†The girl turned and glided towards one of the corridors off the main hall. Annya hustled to keep up, brushing at her skirts and hoping that no one noticed her bare feet. The hallways were a maze and Annya was glad of the girl that was guiding her. They were silent as they walked down the halls and then stopped in front of a solid looking closed door. The girl smoothed her dress then her hair and knocked.
  13. *grins* thanks for the welcome! I will have to check in on the thread to see what people are thinking about the man's demise... So far I am having lots of fun with the DM site. Can't wait for it to be all back and in full swing.
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