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  1. I for one enjoyed it, and am glad you posted it where you did so I could see it!
  2. Actually - Buffy usually has a panel at D*Con every year, and Xander and Spike have appeared the last several years. And in Austin they have a Buffy Musical night where they play the musical and one other episode that night with mad sing alongs during the musical...
  3. Just one thing to say... Joss is my master now.
  4. Then don't. I believe Corki stated that we are in contact with Jason now, who has agreed to come to the boards, take a look and also answer questions and concerns. The issue was when we were feeling forced and looking at how to move a mountain. Questions are now getting answered from the source. That being said, I think the lighter note and the hijacking that was occurring was well-timed. I'll say again, if its band related, we have a thread going to discuss this. If you've decided you don't want to discuss it there, then let it go. And Sergurant, that's fine, I'll just take you
  5. You do know that the guy that gave the order did eventually die, don't you? I'm sorry, we took a vote and your geek card has been revoked.
  6. Ahh... but have you had a Guinfantry... that's just topper of any brew save MG Brew.
  7. See... you say D&D and I am pulling out my d20 and ready to role up a rogue... don't tease a girl like that.
  8. I know you are seeing post from band members that haven't posted here much outside of the band. I can tell you why I don't... its for this reason right here. If you express an opinion that can be held as controversial to the mass consensus you are shot with a flaming tar ball and told you are being an instigator. Truth of the matter is, nothing that has been done with the boards has affected us as the orgs in this manner. Now this does and we are speaking up. Instead of looking at the concerns people have become concerned with labeling people as hostile, pigheaded and just flat ou
  9. As I am someone that is technical, and someone that has done some research - it is correct that the free boards such as exboards, proboards and the like, will not be able to transfer posts over except through the copy paste method. I'm against the move personally because I feel that it will detract from the individuality that each of the Orgs and divisions have made for themselves. They will be cookie cutter images of each other with the same board look. Plus just the statement that "all issues will be handled the same" to me screams that you don't trust the people that you've put in c
  10. *chuckles* Well, now I see where the latrine diggers went to... Back to work! Corki is demanding a new potty by nightfall!
  11. Annya stood in shock as the door seemed to open unaided. Her eyes swung to the girl that was standing beside the wall. She gave Annya a small smile then scuttled off the way they had come. Annya straightened her shoulders, tilted her head up slightly and walked forward to stand in front of the woman behind the desk. She stared at the hazel eyed woman that she could not put an age to in slight wonder. Here at last was an Aes Sedai… a woman that could tell her if her dreams could come true or not. Annya forced herself to pay attention as the woman both sized her up and addressed her.
  12. Annya stared at the great tower that seemed to dwarf all other building near by. She had longed to be here, even when she had run from home and an impending marriage to a man she didn’t even know. Now face to face with her dreams she was scared and hesitant to put one foot in front of the other. She had longed for adventure, and adventure she had while getting from her home on a farm outside of Whitebridge to here. She had traveled alone and mostly under the cover of night when possible. She had ridden in several peddlers’ wagons in exchange for fixing meals over camp fires and in bac
  13. *grins* thanks for the welcome! I will have to check in on the thread to see what people are thinking about the man's demise... So far I am having lots of fun with the DM site. Can't wait for it to be all back and in full swing.
  14. Since I am a writer at heart, I will check in on the RP boards, they look a bit sparse at the moment, so it is hard to judge what's what - and I know it's the weekend and moving in day and all, so I am giving it a chance to gain its berings, then I'll decide if I want to be a warrior or a witch... or both! Thank you muchly for the welcome and the invite to look in on the Orgs... I think I can tip a double back with the band, maybe even wrap a shoufa around my head and dance the spears a time or three... All and all, I am here for the fun of life! Thanks both of you for my first welcome
  15. Hello all. I haven't ever registered with DM, but with the new look and neat boards, I couldn't be a lurker anymore! Great job with t he boards and the mods on them. Looking forward to finding a nitch here!
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