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  1. I'm here!!! *jumps up and down* I made it this time!!! YAY!!
  2. *dances* YAY Chae!!! I'm sooo happy for you!! *curtsies* Hail Chaelca Sedai!!
  3. YAY Chae!!!! I'm so happy for you! *weaves yellow and green flowers in Chae's hair* We've had a lot of fun together!!! Don't forget about us little novices!! *curtsies to Chae Sedai*
  4. Well, you better start believing it!!! I'm sure Tiren will agree with me!!
  5. I will vouch for him!! He is a great guy, honest and a bit modest. LOL He'll take care of her!!
  6. Congrats Goldy!!!! I am so happy for you!! Congrats Tiren! I'm sure you know how great a guy he is!!! *weaves yellow and white flowers in Tirens' hair* *hugs Goldy* :cry: I always cry at bondings!!!
  7. no need to apologize...i'm relatively new here and have made my fair share of mistakes...LOL It's good to meet you and I look forward to seeing you in the future!!!! To all the newbies: I would suggest Fiddlesticks as a place to get started introducing yourself. Everyone posts there and you can decide from there which ORG you want to join and make great friends!! Of course, you are always welcome at the White Tower!! Everyone at the WT is friendly, warming and always happy to see a new face!! (especially the Yellow ajah) Hehe. Anyway, stop by anytime!! Welcome to DM and I hope you have a wonderful time here!!
  8. Eve

    Your first time

    I have already joined the WT and tBotRH. I'm a little busy right now...LOL Maybe in a few months I'll become a big scary Aiel. hehe
  9. Eve

    Your first time

    LOL! I love the siggy Kaznen!!!
  10. *smiles* Someone's avatar is WAY too big...hehe :lol:
  11. uuummmm...no thank you Charis Sedai! *curtsies*
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