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RJ has said (although can't remember where as DM has been down for so long!), that:


Andorans are like English and speak with an English / Irish accent, although those two are quite different! Perhaps as an American he finds them more similar than we do in Europe?


Illianers speak with a Dutch-type accent.


Seanchan speak with a Texas-type drawl, although based on Japanese Imperial culture in many ways.


Cairhienin are based on the French.


Tairens are based on Spanish.


Aiel are based on several cultures inc. Japanese, Zulu and Native American.


Altarans are based on Italians.


Can anyone remember the link to this? Perhaps it's in one of the Tor questions? Sorry I can't remember!

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so where are the Germans? This is discrimination :-)

I still think some parts of Andor are very German but then half of the English Kings were German from the Hannover family.


There are 80 Million Germans here - so what happens to us in the braking :shock:

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seanchans are clearly african-americans.


Tuon is but others are very much whites like her bodyguard lady

Then there are Native Americans like the servant of one of the death watch who goes looking for her - but it is quite a good idea I think to make a African American girl the head of the "American" people :-)

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Tuon can't be African because she has blue eyes! Also Suroth (tall and pale) is of the high blood and if the blood are all family descended from Luthair then how can Tuon be African?


The Seanchan have all sorts of races with them but Tuon, even thought she is described as "dark" isn't african. I don't picture her that way anyway.


I thought the majority of Africans were in Shara?

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# Aiel : Russian


# Altara: Roman


# Amadicia: Spanish


# Andor: British


# Arad Doman:Arabic


# Arafel: Turkish


# Cairhien: French


# Illian: Greek


# Malkier: Tibetan


# Mayene: switzer


# Saldaea: syrian


# Sea Folk: Indian


# Seanchan: Persian


# Shara: African


# Shienar: German


# Tarabon: Egyptian


# Tear: babylonian

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I don't really think you can categorize the nationalities in the Wheel of Time as being a singular counterpoint to real nationalities. I think there are a lot of dominant influences amongst the Wheel of Time nationalities, but there are also contrasts.


Distinguishing by accent is a lot more different than distinguishing people by nationality and national.. physical, racial traits.


The Tairens can have a Spanish type accent, but that doen't mean that they are completely Spanish. Murundians can have a Irish or gaelic accent, but that doens't mean that they're Irish.


This is an alternate, fatasy world. You can have dark skinned people with an Itallian accent. You can have Asian people who speak with a French tinged accent. In Tear there are pale skinned people and dark skinned people all speaking the relatively same accent. In Andor you have many dark haired people, but, you know what, it's a big country. People settled there from the north in what used to be Caralain. What did they look like? People crossed from Cairhien and Murandy and Altara and Ghealdan. They may have lived there for decades, even hundreds of years, and still their traits are preserved. Much like Mexican immigrants in America. some of the Mexican-Americans' families had lived in the southwest for over a century, and many have accents indistinguishable from any other American in the region, yet their appearnace is of a hispanic person.


You could well mistake a German for a Spaniard and vice versa. It depends on what they look like. You could mistake a Canadian for a Russian. You could mistake a Chinese man for a Chilean. A Filipino for a Mexican, an Icelandic person for a Japanese. People can be across the world from one another and still look alike a good portion of times as compared to when they don't. There are always exceptions.

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This is more focused on culture than physical appearance' date=' but it's quite accurate.




Maybe this link, that I posted, but most people ignored?


that was really good.


read it but feel that each culture and people is set up new and can not be considered a clear existing culture, of course their are certain charicteristics like in Tear you see the Spanish horse thing and the pointed beards and even the swords but it seems sensless to see the comparisment (since it brings in all kind of other links that do not fit).

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