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  1. just had mail from my mum that the book has arrived - but it will be 6 weeks!!!!! before I get home - was worried that if I order the book here (Tajikistan) it will take so long to come that I would be going home before it came :-? Anajon
  2. HI just reading about darkhounds on the WOTFAQ - thanks Jennifer for working on that - well done. Anyway as I was reading about wolf souls been harvested etc.. I thought one of the horrible how can this be - never saw it coming type - comments we have seen from the people who have read the book could be hopper becoming a darkhound and maybe even going after Perrin? any comments?
  3. can't find it available as pdf - anyone else more luck?
  4. I think I got it directly from the TOR website last year as pdf - will check it out and let people know here
  5. what was the deadline for posting the questions?? Anajon
  6. yes - what is going on - no progress at all? any new clues? Ana
  7. hmm - looks good but can't get into the forums yet .. well at least I was one of the first logged in I think :-)
  8. Could the seanchan woman be figurative? Or that woman is Tuon who ordered the attack? I think the 'hand' that the seanchan gave her was taking out Elaida making the transfer alot easier I don't think this has happened yet - I raised it in the Egwene threat - but not many people have responded yet. I think a second attack with happen .. but that would mean Egwene's power will crumble again - I would hate to see that all go back wards. :-? Anajon
  9. From pg 36 of What the Storm Means: Graendal’s agents reported that Mesaana is pretending to be Aes Sedai. Unless they lied or were mistaken, this would exclude Laras and novices/accepted. For them to keep her well apprised of Mesaana’s activities in the WT, they would have to know who she was masquerading as. why would Graendal's informants (most likely also black sisters - recognise her when neither Verin nor other blacks we have seen getting instructions form her did so - i would gues they are lying to Graendal.
  10. what do people think about the new bit of prophesy that Min unearthed about Callandor that the three need to be one. Could be the three people holding the sword tha is not a sword - 2 woman one man (other discussions already think Elyene and Avi will be the ones - but since they both might be pregnant by the time TG comes - I think that is unlikely)I think it might be Nyn and Egwene - back to the original 5 Two river folks. Or ... could it have to do with his three "wives" having to be one and agree on something - Min can not channel but she has bonded him and Avi and Elyene have kind of bonded each other ... I know it is way out there but somehow the whole 3 wives thing should play a role at some point. I don't think it is Rand, LLT and Moridin - to obvious Anajon
  11. Egwene absolutely rocks in this book, the meeting with verin was absolute the best chapter in the book - but there are a few questions on the invation of the tower. I think it will not been the last time - what happened to the woman with the sword, Egwene on crumbling top etc.. she has secured her leadership will she stumble the next time the seachan come? any ideas? Anajon
  12. how do people already have the book :o - know about chapter titles?? Those of you indicating that they have read, please explain that, as much as you can with out going to prison :-? Anajon
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