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  1. No Rands mother is Galads mother. Galads dad is also Gwayn and Elaine's dad and is the link to Cairhien if I am not mistaken and that makes that Galad has as many rights to become King of Cairhien as Elaine.
  2. Doesn't it say somewhere that only the ones that follow the DR will be saved? I feel the survival thing is not that bad as it says it maybe just mean that only a small partion will stay with the old way or reflects even to the tinkers.
  3. I always persumed that Gawyn will return asap to take up his position as general in Andor since that is his role. I persumed Galad would end up as king of Cairhien. Both should not be to happy he knocked up their little sister btw. :lol:
  4. first the views seem a lot more than just images and second why should he care that they get his memories.
  5. Hell' date=' she'll be insulted if he DOESN't bring them out eventually. [i']"How can he think I am to weak to have a sore bunny?!"[/i] She's kind of stupid. In a bad way. he did already in the waygates didn't he?
  6. think that fighting the dark is an exception so creating wapons for the last battle will be OK I feel. PS. why if I quote does it not work :(
  7. that was really good. read it but feel that each culture and people is set up new and can not be considered a clear existing culture, of course their are certain charicteristics like in Tear you see the Spanish horse thing and the pointed beards and even the swords but it seems sensless to see the comparisment (since it brings in all kind of other links that do not fit).
  8. quote]wow thanks you all ^^ uhmm another question to arie bombarie (or anyone else who knows :p) where did you get your WoT books and for what price? i don't think i have an american bookstore near.. and to those who want to answer: is the story really good? and comparable stories? check out online where they are, I live in Amsterdam, sometimes the books are also at AKO etc. maybe you have to ask them to order them for you or buy them online. Mine where around 12 Euro (11,95)
  9. re-read it a couple of times to get back into it when a new book is published, once I am back into it I like to read my favourite storylines again (less favourite are often a bother just so you can keep the overview), remember the lord of the ring series where Frode annoyed the hell out of me and I just reread the other parts without him (skipping the endless scenery scenes also)
  10. :lol: maybe the attention for the horses makes for the many female readers (just joking). but I would still want to know how much the female readers can identify with the female characters (doing some writing myself and a good female character is hard to do, maybe make a new thread?) For some reason Rand is only running into the bitchy side of females, except when he sleeps with them but even than they want to put him in his place.
  11. who was Bela? Min is pretty laid back, but even she is all the time thinking or threating to box Rands ears.
  12. Mat Tuon is fun, I think she does love him just does not know the meaning of it or does not want to show. Perin Fail started off alright but the whining in the last volume turned me off a bit. PS. why does the qoute not work correct for me?
  13. On the other hand not many woman seem to be friends or come to decisions/actions in mutual agreement. Most female characters seem to be manipulating and pretty bitchy (excuse my language. There always seems to be a need to be top dog. Is there any easy going/layed back female character in the books?And why are the female characters so often intimidating others? I like that the female characters are put down as pretty strong and not the regular 'needs resque and makes a mess in a crisis' type, but are they they characters females can identify with (considering the amount of female readers here
  14. can't say there is a lot of good humor in the serie, the misunderstandings from Mat when dealing with Tuon are funny. On the other hand the Mat character, who has a lot of a fox, should give more oportunities for pranks (as always refered to in their youth). Like the humor of the diskworld novels from Terry Pratchett, something inbetween these two would make the ideal fiction for me.
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