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  1. I'm rereading it for about the 4th time. I lost count :p
  2. \o/ My D*Con Warder! The rest of you can run in fear now...
  3. OOC: I suck :P Sorry IC: A string of profanities flew through Eadon's mind. Shielded! Bound! Gagged! Really, did it get worse than this? Fear coursed through her veins as Eadon fought against her invisible bonds. It was no used, as she suspected. The man in front of her not only was a darkfriend, but must be a Dreadlord as well. OK, that made it slightly worse. Always the Green (although not one that listened too closely, apparently) Eadon had a knife hidden in her boot heel, the small of her back, and the one she used to keep her hair in a tight bun. It was the one that no one expe
  4. Eadon was calm. Well, she was going to be calm. Yup, right after she saw how Kabria reacted. Cool as a cucumber. Light sod it, Eadon felt nervous for the girl. She hated this part so much. All of Kabria's hopes and dreams would seemingly crash around her ears. She could imagine the girl's blood pumping so fast and so furious that Jaydena's voice felt like it was a thousand miles away. She wanted to hug the girl. She wanted to hand her a sword and tell her to just go after Jaydena. She wanted to stand there and watch the girl go through it because everyone else in the room had as well.
  5. Eadon listened as Jaydena handled the questions hurled at them from curious Novices. She was slightly shocked at the young girl that ran off citing a need to see the Mistress of Novices. Jaydena said nothing. Since when did that happen? Somewhere in the back of her mind the thought that Jaydena was growing soft in her old age tickled her mind. That wasn't a thought she wanted to dwell on. "How do you deal with it my Sister, maybe your words can help them as well?" Eadon arched a cool eyebrow. Deal with what? The thought of her darkfriend mother rotting in a grave? Surely that wasn't
  6. It was inevitable that on the day of a new Sister's raisings, Eadon would think back to her own. It was so long ago now that memories that were once so vivid had faded into a hazy mist. The one thing that would never escape her memory were the moments of agony she felt when told that she was not yet a Green Sister, and that there was more to be done to prove her worth. Eadon snuck a sidelong glance at Jaydena. Even to this day it was hard to separate that awful feeling from the woman she once looked on as a mother. Eadon's silk skirts brushed the floor as she walked in step with the othe
  7. One of the girls, Sarena, grabbed Mirandha and started chattering on about where she was from and who was in her family. Mirandha had to focus and try and keep up; Sarena tended to talk pretty quickly. "<i>Sorry I get so excited sometimes, you just have to tell me to stop." "So where did you live before you came here?</i>" "Not to worry," replied Mirandha attempting to make her voice louder. The more girls that showed up, the louder the volume rose. "I'm excited too! I've never been to a sleep over." She smiled then continued, "I lived with my family in Andor." She left
  8. Eadon strode into the Hall. Yes, she strode. The Green wore her pride at being a Sitter like an expensive fur stole. As it were, her jewel tone shawl was carefully draped about her shoulders with its long fringe flowing down the back and sides of her equally as luxurious skirts. The length of the fringe on her shawl often caused chatter amongst the other Aes Sedai. Many called her pompous. Eadon simply tuned them out as she did a great many things that annoyed her. The Hall was about half full when she arrived. She nodded to a few of her fellow Sitters and then took her seat next to Jayd
  9. "<i>Surely I can share my devotion and loyalty for Arafel and my King to the Green Ajah and its cause Eadon Sedai?! I want to fight! Not just for my family but also for all those that fight in the cursed Blight. Please any advice that you or anyone else can give would surely aid me attaining a place among you noble Green Sisters Eadon Sedai," and looking at the other Sisters in the room</i>" "Yes, well..." started Eadon. But before she could continue her thought, everyone's focus seemed to shift to Jaydena. For a second Eadon turned grumpy. Mostly anything involving the elder
  10. The note landed on top of Mirandha's parchment seemingly out of nowhere. On a tiny slip of paper was the brief note "Party. Selene's room. Tomorrow night." Mirandha looked up and to her left and right. Was this note meant for her? She didn't normally get invited to parties; especially for parties she wasn't sure she was meant to be at. It's not that her fellow novices disliked her; it's just that Mirandha was hard to get to know. She didn't exactly go out of her way to talk to people, and she found no reason as to why she should work hard at penetrating a group of friends. Besides, one day the
  11. http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,29791.0.html Novice Quiz - Complete / Incomplete Arrival/Meet Mentor - One Step at a Time - Post Count [ 4 / 4 ] Freeday - URL - Post Count [ - / 4 ] One OP Related RP - URL - Post Count [ - / 4 ] Choice RPs: * Choice RP 1 - URL - Post Count [ - / 4 ] * Choice RP 2 - URL - Post Count [ - / 4 ] Three Arches - URL
  12. The plainly made dress itched Eadon's skin. She cursed her need for camouflaging herself. And these shoes! She missed the soft and supple silk slippers she left behind in the Tower. If only there were a way to go about this involving comfortable palace rooms and soft fabrics preferably tailored to fit her fine curves. Yet here Eadon was traipsing around Tanchico in a sack like dress and hard shoes. Such was life. In her right hand Eadon gripped the directions the innkeeper had written out for her. The handwriting was rough and barely legible, but Eadon was ready to try anything. This was
  13. “Now, child – a bit more information please. Where exactly were you born, which House? Names of your parents?” Apparently they would need more information about her. She sighed (softly enough so that she wouldn't be heard) and continued to give the requisite information. Born on the family estate in Andor...House of Bayana...etc. etc. Mirandha had to work hard at separating her feelings from the names of places so familiar to her. She had to distance herself from the thought about not seeing home for a very very long time. Who knew how long it would really be? She seemed to have passed th
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