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  1. lol i suppose the seanchan at least do owe her everything. My one largest grievance with any charecter in the book is ANY Aes Sedai. I loath their false serenity and stature. The serenity that they show people are false, they are taught how to maintain that as BEING aes sedai. True serentiy comes from knowledge and experiance. Lan is serene. For cryin out loud the newest James Bond is serene! He never shows any unneccesary outward emotion, but he is not COLD, that is simply his charecter. The Aes Sedaie, and moirane especially annoy me to no end in their permanent mask of serenity. The
  2. uhh moirane can stay in never never land for all i care. up untill she went away, up untill that last scene i loathed her egotistical singleminded false serenity. Irked me like nothing else. Personally it feels like aMoL is just a cap on the series. It has to potential to stretch on further and further, but this last book HAS to finish it. Im not complaining i suppose because it gives resolutions to everything, but it would like to stay ignorant and guess if it means i get to read more of the story :)
  3. shes long dead, by 273 years. How is she going to affect anything?
  4. No, i think thats a different story. She knows shes exagerating and is awear of it, but if an aes sedai thinks whatever shes saying is the truth then i dont think the three oaths stop her. I have to dig around and search for an example of this...
  5. Im here with a small problem. Was sitting around, doing nothing, going over my wot library, ect, ect, and a little thing popped out at me. for those who hate bringing up the little details, im sorry. Most of the stuff im refering to is tSR nd tDR if anyone wants to double check on it. In the chapter before Moirane attempts to attack belal in tDR she asks loial what he knows about him. He talks about the netweaver, his jealousy of Lews Therin, ect, AND how belal helped raze the hall of servants. in tSR in the ter'angeal of the past he sees, in the hall of servants, AFTER the sealing of the
  6. True. Bob, the oaths only work on aes sedai as long as they remain aes sedai.
  7. "Harm" is not "Kill". In the intro to WH (?) the sitter says that an AS can speak a lie if she beleives it to be the truth. An AS can even kill if she doesn't think shes killing.
  8. Noone answered my question... :( Can you create a channeler? Why have we assumed that lannfear was stilled? Do we even know if the Finn can channel? My opinion is no, and as such they would not be able to sense or still channelers. Why no channeling? Based on the theory that non-humans can't channel (ogier, shadowspawn, and to my knowledge, nym(?).), then neither can the finns.
  9. what if we bf the DO? Is he even a physical entity? I still think the creator must step in.
  10. Even if rand had channeled TP, wouldnt he feel it now?
  11. I hope Robert gives up the series and concentrates on his amylodisis, and lives to eighty! THE SERIES CANNOT END!!! WHAT WILL WE AGRUE ABOUT?!? :)
  12. rofl Ilyena is thrilled. She gets a second try! But what about Bela's horse husband! she can't be unfaithful!
  13. There is of course the other theory floating around (which i despise) that Rand must fight Morridin, and not the DO. The idea being that their battle will detirmine TG.
  14. But did the DO counter attack Saidin as a last ditch, spur of the moment, or was a planned, conscious attack? The question being: can he do it again?
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