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  1. Finished AMOL not too long ago, after much trepidation about reading it. Completely agree with the sentiment about not re-reading the books written by BS. Fair play to him, its an extremely tough situation to be in, and fans demended and ending, so the good thing there is closure I guess. But I did not enjoy any element to his storytelling. I found some of his character development cartoonish, to the point major characters almost became caricatures of themselves, or their outlooks were changed so that they appeared foreign to what we had grown up reading. The WOT series is certainly no
  2. Gday all, how abt the John Marsden books? I think they just made a movie abt the first one in the series?
  3. Been reading through my old posts, so thought Id *bump* to see how many old timers are around, and "newbies" who want some fame!
  4. Could have just made a cartoon of it 20 years ago. I hate it when hype outweighs quality in movies....
  5. Went and saw it in 3d, I would tell people not to bother with it. Besides them little white floaty things, there is no need for it. The storyline is one that is one that has been used ad nauseum in the industry, and offers nothing new or insightful. One can admire the imagination that went into the creation of an alien culture, and the special effects, but I felt like I had seen this movie (or ones like it) a hundred times before.
  6. Yeah, but I'm not a douche. (sincerely hope you don't have a southern cross--and yes, I know the odds are against me in this) Ha, nah mate. Im tough enough without 'em ;) Besides, wouldnt last long in the west if I had it advertised like that, Id have to move to the Shire ;)
  7. I took the dogs for a walk at 530ish, and it was like I was on Mars. I could actually see the dust gusting down my road l;ike it was rain! And today its freezing, and its supposed to rain again!
  8. Pfft, a southern cross tough sticker would have been better ;)
  9. Yeah mate, couldnt see the 'bridge when my train pulled up to the Quay that day!
  10. Moi, inappropriate? Merely cynically practical m'dear ;)
  11. Oh my, a greeting from the Oz, you should feel honoured Tumeric, I don't think he's ever come here before. Now, you could take that statement in a few ways ;)
  12. Keep away from him Cads. Gotta watch out for these Parramatta folk, though The Albion is a fine pub....... (better than the Tollgate anyway)
  13. Gee dude, they grow up so fast. It seems like 2006 when yoy first posted a pic of the little 'un. SHe must be taller than you by now ;)
  14. Ahhh, it makes me so proud. I go MIA and people still bump my pic post! I wish I had started a bikini pic post now! ;)
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