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The hotties out there


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I actually heard that phrase on House when he was telling a young, soon-to-be-mother, that you shouldn't ruin your funbox like that until your thirty; fell in love with the phrase and the term. And it wouldn't be the same after four kids.


And thanks for the support Nik.


Ha no problem. All these feelings are over rated anyway!

And a ruined funbox is a.... Boringbox....  ::)

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At the start I probably would have had Elayne and Aviendha up there, maybe like 15 or 20 out of 100, but they should be off the lists now.  Elayne's gone prego with twins and Aviendha will soon have quadruplets so you can count her fun box ruined too.  Faile should probably be on there, Moiraine's a MILF, with the M standing for Moiraine instead of mother.  ANY girl that is decently fit and is asian.  For me it basically boils down to anyone between 5'4" and 5'8" with brown hair and breasts not exceeding C's.  I'm willing to push the height thing by like once inch, but whenever I picture a girl in these series its always as like one inch shorter than me unless it specifically says otherwise.


As for the personality shit.  C'mon.  The whole point of rating girls on their doability is to be chauvinistic pigs, not talking about feelings and how you like this personal trait or that one.  Either sack up or put on a dress.


omg I love you.

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