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  1. I honestly couldnt say, its been a year since my last reread, but Dumai's Wells, Matt blowing the Horn, Rand on the peak of the Dragonmount, Mat giving half the light of the world to save Moraine. The Cleansing. There probably are more, but I cant think of anything else right now.
  2. I assume the names are from the charity contest he held earlier this year. All the knives turning into leather was great.
  3. So Perrin is a wolf in a human body? Do wolves get reincarnated?
  4. So after going mia for about a year, I probably should have answered the question about what I used. I cant remember the last one... Till shade is gone, till water is gone, into the Shadow with teeth bared, screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit into Sightblinder's eye on the Last Day.
  5. It wouldnt be a bad ending if my favorite characters die, I dont know that might make me cry, its never happened to me before in a book or movie, so I dont know. But WoT is such a big deal, it might be the first time. But if no one dies, there will be a problem. Harry potter killed off like 4 minor characters in the final battle, too few. Everyone else did not matter at all, or I didnt care if they died or not, Plus WoT is way bigger there better be a lot of death before the end. If the world is supposed to break again, people need to die.
  6. I say that it starts out with either a random person, probably a minor character we have met before, Seanchan, Black tower, or someone in Perrin's army.
  7. I thought Kadere was mad that she sold his hat? He didnt know that she was Lanfear, just some high ranking Darkfriend.
  8. The problem is she made him promise to do whatever was in the letter, after he opened it. If she had not done it, he would have opened it right after the 30day time period where he had to do what it said was up.
  9. She is not strong enough to reach chosen status. She might be strong for modern times, but she does not even compair to a real Chosen.
  10. I go with Perrin being better. I agree that they have similar skills, but the fact that Egwene uses channeling to make fire, while Perrin makes fire, it gives him an advantage. Egwene's first instinct is to channel to make fire, because she is a Channeler in the Real world. Perrin does not have this same inhibition, making him stronger in the Dream. I don't know what advantages or disadvantages the wolf would give him, so I am not even going to go there.
  11. Even if they already do, I think that it would be even better to have more people reading. 1 extra editor can make a big difference.
  12. The thing is I feel that some of the editors probably are not as knowledgable of the series say as someone like Lurkers (I dont know he might proofread it). While they might be better at proofreading, a lot of the proofreading in something like this, is checking facts. Obviously there are going to be errors, but when someone like me who while, I am fairly knowledgable about WoT and grammer, certainly not professional quality, I don't think that I should be finding a bunch of either gramatical errors or factual errors. Anyway, my point is there should be more people like him reading it. These people mostly reading for fact checking, because there always are, but they can still find some of the basic grammer errors. Anyway, I sure as hell wont notice some extremely minor gramatical errors, unless I'm looking for them, and am willing to spend the time to do it. The more people the better, it really bothers me when there are stupid mistakes that should have been caught by the editors. Who cares about grammar, if its not perfect, I wont notice, my grammar isnt perfect either. Facts are easy to fix, but only if the reader is deeply immersed in the story. Otherwise it just takes time.
  13. I understand why people think that Ishy could do the same as Rand, but the fact that Rand killed the Shadowspawn in the towers, and still managed to not even damage them is so amazing no person without some special abilities could do it.
  14. Well after reading this, I cant tell you how appealing not being attached to one group or another sounds.
  15. Time passes differently in Finnland, but the moment Moraine fell into the doorway, their bond was shattered, I did not think that time passed that much faster inside Finnland than in the real world. I always thought that it was something to do with the amount being channeled into the doorway, and it melting.
  16. I loled. It is likely that someone will tell him about the flaw before the big moment. if not, the Light does not deserve to win.
  17. Im a little late to this party, but it is common knowledge that GRRM likes to kill people, right after building up their character. As a writer, Brandon Probably knows that.
  18. Actually because RJ wrote the ending to WoT before Harry Potter, it should be named a WoT type ending that HP stole.
  19. It cannot be a channeler. Shadiar Haran seems to have some nasty tricks up his sleeve to deal with channelers, the DO would not leave him without one. While he has complete control over people who are sworn to the DO, he probably could do some serious damage to ones that are not. Fain would be interesting. At this point, he cannot even touch Fades without them dying. So it would be a toss up to see who wins.
  20. Her intention was to get him to get some Aes Sedai to seal the waygate.
  21. So Rand while strolling through moridin's head bumped into the only bit of Lanfear, that is actually a decent person?
  22. That doesnt seem like RJ to forget about a character.
  23. Well considering how much Harry Potter stole, I wouldnt be surprised if rowling paid someone to steal the ending from the Wheel of time
  24. Their stock pile is probably the remnant of the original Bargain, with the Aes Sedai long ago
  25. If the DO cannot be affected by the Pattern, the Dragon has no chance at sealing him away in the first place. The DO and the Creator if they truly are equals, can be destroyed or damaged in some way. Otherwise the Dragon would never have been able to seal the DO away in the first place. Granted, the DO was not able to gather most of his strength, but the face that a moral can fight against some of the DO's power shows that they are not all powerful, otherwise, even the slightest fraction of their power would be enough to stop the Dragon. Granted, It could be argued that the Creator gave the Dragon the power to stop the DO, but then in the spirit of Balance there would have to be something that could resist the Creator. Also the Creator could have given the Dragon power to resist the DO, but then the Creator would be taking an active part in stoping the DO, which is in direct violation his own words. @ I think Fain is destined to become an anti-Hero of the Horn. He is unique, and that is the sort of thing that the Pattern seems to like to scoop up.
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