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  1. Hahaha 2nded. Keep the munchies though, its satisfying after some Phatt bud. A pair of linked rings that, when each is worn by a different channeler, lets you draw the Power from the other person from a distance, like a long ranged circle. Perfect for a Ashaman-Aes Sedai teamups, especially if they were bonded. What does Phatt bud mean? Also, I would make a hookah ter'angreal that generates limitless water supply to the container at the bottom, and red-hot char coal plus whatever flavor or tobacco I want. Everything is perfect, I just need to channel whatever I
  2. A Small bong-like ter'angreal that makes good quality weed that does not create any of the side effects like munchies and dry mouths among others. A ter'angreal that makes me invisible! I mean, why not... Oh, but I can control when I want to be invisible and not. I can try smoking weed in public while being invisible and the police won't be able to catch me :D
  3. No, I think even in the stone age 3 men could take out one of those big-ass animals that lived during that period of time.
  4. I would love seeing Rand do the Little Fish, Big Fish, CARDBOARD BOX dance. In all seriousness, I would like it to become a TV series with films or something as well, or maybe a movie in the beginning showing that book that came before (sorry, I have forgotten much) and start the series with book one. If anyone has seen the Stargate movie and then the series you'll understand what I'm talking about.
  5. I love the composition and the wording in the post above. Seriously, I would say that the DO and Moridin have their own agendas which might not align with the rest of the Forsaken agendas. I believe others can fill more on that. Tbh I've kinda dropped the series, but I will read the 12 book all the way.
  6. You know what would be really awesome. 3D maps. Like cities you can watch in 3D. Either that or something Google Earth-like. That would be just too awesome.
  7. I choose not to differentiate between types of fun; likely because what you'd perceive as naughty, I'd perceive as normal... ;) We are so off topic... Why did I find that just wrong and nauseating? And it's not that dangerous that we're off topic because I already got my answer and this discussion is interseting albeit somewhat nauseating.
  8. Alrighty. Grown-ups have fun, but only behind the backs of children and teenagers. Well you guys are damn good at it! However we must distinguish from having normal fun and having naughty fun guys... ;)
  9. They tend not to do it so much when kids are around. When they're not looking, it's a non-stop party. The 1980s have a lot to answer for. Oh man I haven't been in a party since I was like 12-13 I think and now I'm 16 (OMGzor jailbait olololol). First time I tasted alcohol and last time I tasted alcohol. Was mixed in with juice and I drank so much that I didn't even feel it slightly. After I began in Middle School it was just homework, dinner homework, gaming, sleep, going to school next day coming home to do homework and it just repeated itself like that until I finished middle school.
  10. Lol I would most rather be an Asha'man but AS well I would be a Green or maybe Gray because politics interest me in real life.
  11. Absolutely not. That would be incredibly dull. So why haven't I seen a grown-up (except musicians ofc) doing something crazy? It seems like they are boooring and the older the more boring. They just get focused so much on making money that even the concept of fun is eviscerated from their minds.
  12. What's the point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes? That thought came to my mind as well, but then again you guys are probably a lot older than me and the fact that I'm still only a teenager 'allows' me to be childish because come on everyone knows I'm still young... but grown-ups? Sorry but aren't grow up people supposed to be calm and intelligent all the time? I guess I'm just thinking like this because a part of my prefrontal cortex got switched on a lot before then it should :/
  13. I have no idea how old Mr Ares and Thor are but you guys sure act like children now!
  14. Gotta go with the same thing. Also elmis you got a kickass avatar ;)
  15. Oh yeah, the Middle East is just completely covered with jungle so the Taliban and Al Qaida have many places to hide! Excuse me but a jungle isn't necessary to use guerrilla tactics.
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