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  1. Yes I can tie Wot into RL all the time. Like when Im feeling really down I just think. People in Randland cant even eat... Right now! cause everything is going bad before the food gets to the tables. And people getting lost in there house and ghosts and stuff... So then I know that other people are suffering with me.. Like all those poor people in Randland that I can relate to. So then I feel good ::)
  2. I dont know if Mat was tied to the wheel before his new life but I know he is now. I am basing that purely on the fact that Mat is amazing
  3. Are you really serious? sigh* And you think "Mats* personality wouldnt do to well in RL (your walmart reference) Lets go over that. One reason you dont like Mat is because to many people like him. So you dont like him because he is popular. And since lots of people DO like him he is therefore unsuccessful in life? flawed reasoning is great ::)
  4. LOL ... all of psychology and the sociology of symbolic interactionism have just been reduced to "blah blah blah". Dr. Brennan would be proud. Thank you. It does sum it up nicely doesnt it
  5. Yes he did make it very hard for her to take the throne when he killed Rhavin, freeing the city from the forsaken....
  6. I just seems like such a silly reason to throw away the axe. Yes it has lots of pretty symbols using something to create to destroy and it reminds him of blah blah blah. But he uses the hammer to kill. The Axe was made for killing. Im just going in circles and I understand what you guys mean so I'll just leave it at "I wished he kept the Axe"
  7. There are other reasons to dislike him. I couldnt find any... And his pranks made him my favourite character right away. You have to DO pranks to appreciate them ;D (not Dark One just *do* on caps)
  8. Doesnt matter if the hammer can be used to make daisies and sunshine he still is using the hammer to kill people. Who cares what you use can be used as something else when killing people. Thats like riding into battle with a rolling pin so you can bake after... Everyone - "Why did you throw away your weapon?" Perrin - *Because It's only purpose is to kill. I need something more.* Everyone - "Why a rolling pin." Perrin - *Because I can make cookies with it.* Everyone - ...
  9. Here is why perrin through away his hammer. Because he turned emo and hypocritical. How so? Well he threw away his Axe because all he used it for was killing people. which is EXACTLY what he uses his hammer for. so when he chops off someones head with an axe that is BAD. And when he reduces someones head to a crushed melon with his hammer its OK. His reasoning is flawed and it doesnt make sense. ------- Lots of people say it's because the hammer can be used to create things. So... It's still being used as a weapon of war thus REDUCING it a weapon of war.
  10. Is there a possibility of diluting the forkroot in her body with say tons of water. She just guzzles gatorade straight for a day and maybe even.. "wash out" the forkroot... And maybe throw up the tea they feed her? Lots of water.. no evil tea in body = normal Egwene?
  11. Mat - "Are you the daughter of the nine moons?" Aeil Girl - "No, but there are some things I like doing by moonlight" She leans over and starts whispering in Mats' ear. Mat - ;D Best Mat Moment!
  12. Thats why I voted for Mr Ares. Asmodean Didnt even fight back just had a heart attack or something. There's a part in one of the books that explains it but I dont have the reference on me. You'll have to look it up yourself. ::)
  13. :o :o :o :o Probably the most important thing we can discuss and vote about on anything! Please take this seriously guys I mean it ::)
  14. Any man? Really? The power was boosted by Callandor obviously but the impressive thing was the amount of flows he used. Was it Egwene who said handling more flows was as easy as juggling more balls? Rand had several thousand flows going... And from what I gather the amount that Rand can channel (from channeling power to dexterity to amount of flows and strength in the 5 powers) is EXTREMELY rare. Even in the AoL
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