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  1. I just wish Elayne would die. FWY, if Bela dies it'll only be because she's sacrificed herself for our sins.
  2. In all the other books, it ended RJ's "About the Author" with him saying that he intended to keep on writing until they nailed the coffin shut. What do you think it'll get changed to?
  3. Don't trollocs and Myrdraal have corrupted blood? Even then, its semi-cannabalism.
  4. Also, Rand needs to find his humanity. What better way then to find the woman you are closest to dead. Probably hearing your baby laugh for the first time (What'll probably happen to Rand, baby laughs, he laughs and is happy, then their happiness builds on eachothers until they can't breath from laughing so hard)
  5. Faile was definetely considering doing the horizontal monster mash with Rolan. When he rescues everyone from the about to collapse house in Malden, he pinches all their bottoms and Faile gets jealous that they were too. I still think she's pretty cool though.
  6. I think alot of people don't like her because she was considering jumping into Rolan's bed to escape. Personally, I think she's badass. Elayne on the other hand........
  7. I don't think he'll become a Tinker at all. Faile wouldn't allow it, her husband needs to be a big, strong, trolloc-killing-machine and there will always be trollocs. The Way of the Leaf is in the series because Robert Jordan built the WoT around the beliefs found in India. One of these beliefs was Ahimsa which allows no hurtful actions, mental or physical, to yourself, others, and much of the world around you.
  8. Elayne/Perrin have a chat about his "rebellion" in the Two Rivers. Egwene meeting Tuon and arguing/trying to kill each other about views on Damane. Either Galad turning Berelain away from sulty seduction or Berelain taking the stick out of his butt. Rand meets his kids. Seanchan v. Rodel Ituralde. Would love to see Mat or Tuon try and deal with Cadsuane.
  9. I picked both because I thought it would be funny and that this wasn't a serious thread at the start. Change me to round if we're being serious.
  10. Thom, Selucia(Tuon's maid right?), Birgitte, Dobraine, Harnan, Vanin, the rest of the Band of the Red Hand, and Olver.
  11. One theory was that the Shadow would use the channelers from the Isle for Tarmon Gai'don. Another possibility is for a Forsaken to somehow plop a whole bunch of these crazy channelers in the middle of a city; safe bet it'd get half-way to levelled at the least.
  12. Oh, and the Seanchan called the battle in PoD a defeat, the second defeat of the Ever Victorious Army, so I will too.
  13. You said English Oooops. I honestly meant to say British, but it was late and I'd just gotten back from camping and was tired because of it. I thought I'd typed British which is why I was confused by your post Ares. Thanks for clarifying my mistake. I should have said that chainmail was light only in comparison to plate. I will say that I've walked around all day through rough terrain with at least forty pounds on my back while camping and it wasn't very hard and I'm really not a very big guy. Having said that I don't know what it'd be like fight in. However, I think it is safe to
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