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Dragonmount mentor/mentee family tree :)


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Hi everyone,


I meant to come and post about this ages ago but...well, only got around to it now! Better late than never, the saying goes :)


I've worked on this thing for yeeeeears and it is obviously an ongoing project. It is at present mostly up to date, though on the Community side I have been given a few details that need to be added.


Still, I need some assistance from the RP side now *g*


firstly, check out the family tree here:




If your name is not on there (or if only ONE of your character's names is on there) then you should let me know! Tell me who your mentor was, and who your mentees have been (including any that have been long gone or are already raised).


Also, if you had a mentor, but found someone else at DM to be more your mentor in spirit than the official one, mention that too :) I can put in mentors-in-spirit (if your name appears in italics, it's because the mentor you're listed under was a mentor in spirit *g*).


Any qvestions??


Oh, and this IS meant for DM as a whole, since a lot of people on the list joined DM long before the Community/Roleplay split occurred. :)





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Yay! You can add my three chars to it!!!!


Melianna Hollmen is a Brown Accepted. Her mentor was Jaydena McKanthur(Green played by Jaydena). :P Her mentees are Esther Tremaine(Novice played by Elgee) and Selenessin al'Thorin (Accepted played by Quisalas Selene)


Jasmyne Ceres is an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. She never had a mentor. Her mentees are Lanaya Traemane(Novice played by Lanaya) and Melainia Mosagina (Novice played by Christine)


Allrianne Viventi is a novice. Her mentor is Taeadra Culthane (White played by Taeadra)



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I have two characters.


Selenessin al'Thorin (Accepted) mentored by Melianna Hollmen (played by Tigara).  Her mentee is Iorwyn Tachi (played by Tifa).


Katiana Carreras (novice) is mentored by Thanelle Kelwgar (played by Taeadra).  I don't know what Ajah Thanelle is of, haven't RPed out the meeting just yet.  Kati is new.

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Taya you have alot of mentors on their from the old Warders Org, (now part of the WT org) do you want that history too.  I can technically add Ben-T-Gaidins generations up because Estaban was one of my mentees on the Warder Org side.  Only other mentor I remember being to is Raeyn's Marisha.



Alicatia sunoma is not on the list she's a gray sister, no mentees no mentor.

Karissa Sweger is green sister tho not sure who her mentor was.

Rowan Shadlin is a red sister (not sure if that was indicated or not)


lol my first AS isn't listed but there is no history there so no big deal.... Gwen Lucerson was a yellow but when warders switched to wt org I dropped that affiliation.  Again no mentors or mentees. 

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Well, here's me.


Jerinia Zaralyn (Jehaine), Mentored by Shevara Edosian (Red Ajah Sitter (CT Amyrlin), Muirenn), Mentoring Satin sur Amoura (Cleopatra) and Hannah Noselle (Cairos)


Aeryn Shainrahien (Jehaine), Mentored by Zarinen Rafaliva (Red Ajah Highest, Elgee), not yet able to take Mentees.


Heh wow... I get all the high ranking Reds as Mentors ^^;

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Uhh yep, I'm wayyyyyyy outta the loop over here *lol* Got a lot of work to do ;)


Thanks for those links Jade - I'll bookmark them hastily! ;)


Matalina - yes I am interested in the old Warders Org stuff too.


I know it all gets super complex, but anyone who's 'loose' on the tree and might belong in one of the bigger branches somewhere...well, I'd love to clean all that up *g*


Thanks to the rest of you who have posted so far too :) It's much appreciated!!


By the way, Tig - when you said your Accepted has minties, does that mean that Accepted CAN have minties on this side?? or is Melianna Raised by now?

Cheers! :)

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