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The AMAZING POSTCARD Exchange!!!!!!!!


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WOO HOO!!  It's May and time for the Kin's annual Postcard exchange..one of our most popular and participated in exchanges!!


*grins*  Ok..sorry this is getting posted late in the month..I'm a bad Twinnie..BUT it is here now so let's jump in and have some fun!!!


THe way this works..is you sign up and then send a postcard to everyone on the list!  But this year...I would like to make it a little bit different  ;)


May celebrates the conception of the Kin..the birth of the idea of an Org that would be a Safe Haven for any and everyone at DM..with no drama, lots of fun, a place of friendship and fun...a family in every sense of that word!


Our exchanges makes us a different type of Org..because we interact with each other beyond the boards...sending Happy Mail to each other and affecting our real lives!  Sadly..some of our Kinster's don't get to always participate in them...for lots of reasons..time, money..etc.  So for the Postcard Swap this year..let's bring them in too!


Here's the plan..those of you that want to and can participate in sending postcards..SIGN UP HERE!  Then send out at LEAST four cards...two to a Kinster that signs up..and two to a Kinsters not signed up and on our contact list!  Maybe folks you havn't mailed anything to ever before!  *grins* 


IF YOU AREN"T ON THE CONTACT LIST>>PLEASE ADD YOUR ADDRESS THERE!!!  Whether you sign up to send cards or not!!!


I hope you'll all jump on board with this idea!  *Grins*  Getting mail other than bills, and advertisements is one of the simplest and easiest ways to give someone a smile!


Ok..I'm In!!


OH!!  and you can send out as many cards as you wish!!  You aren't limited to just the four....Ok who else is with me?

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lol that's one of our best "twin" traits!!!


Oh and the Golden Knitting Needle members included this month as a freebie are:





Ursula and

tay..but tay signed up to play so we can always add you to another month!!


And sometimes folks have a hard time finding postcards....but I have found them at the drugstores like Walgreen's and CVS  and at some grocery stores and truckstops!  You can also make your own either by using just the front of a card cut to postcard size..or the craft stores sell black postcards in the card making supplies OR in the computer sections..they have blank postcards in the paper supplies for your printers!


With the blank ones you can get out your crayons and draw a happy face or flower!  or put on some stickers..then just use the other side for the address ont eh right and a little message ont he left!  *grins*  where there is a will there is a way!

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Drat!!....I forgot to look in the shops while I was in KY.  They will have to be local....lol.  :-\


And Jade, ove the sig. 


Lastly, Twinnie, is there any regulation to which non-signups we send to.....any attempts to keep the same people from getting picked again and again? 

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I'm in for this one.  I wouldn't miss it for the world.  Postcards from Hollywood anyone?


I joined The Kin right about the time the application for Org-hood was filed.  I was on tip-toes the whole time we were waiting.  Like they would turn Lor down. Huh! 

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Do you remember?  I kept asking if we were real yet.  Before I knew you, Lor, are everyone's Darling, I thought it was possible that we wouldn't get to be an Org.  Oh, me of little faith. 


I had been lurking around for about a year, dropping in and reading public boards.  I thought about the Tower, but I have never been good at improv,  although I am good at putting on airs, so maybe that would have worked? 

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*laughs* Well, I'm not EVERYONE's darling, but I know how to justify what I need to justify to get what I want and there was no way, with the response we got then (and continue to get now) that they're going to say no. *smiles and winks* It helps to be on friendly terms with people, too...


and yay! I need to drag myself downtown to get postcards. I might get crazy and take markers to some index cards if I get too slack, though... *laughs*

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Guest nephitess

ok so my cards will be late!!! I have to wait until i get my next cheque (next week) and then i'll be sending out some. :)

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