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  1. I'm reading the Lord of the Rings right now. I just finished The Fellowship of the Ring and I'm part of the way through The Two Towers. Before that I read The Hobbit.
  2. 1984 hands down is my favorite. Nothing like a good dystopia.
  3. I didn't quit! >.> I'm just really busy with school and such. Still here and all when I have the time. Lots of time for the next week! *does a happy dance for spring break*
  4. Looks like the person I have will be getting some fudge and a nice little cookie surprise too! ;)
  5. Sits down and helps herself to the cheese and crackers tray. Thank you Cairos! The appetizers look gorgeous and taste great!
  6. YES! Someone else here knows about that movie! I can only watch it in MST3K because of how great the commentary is.
  7. Hands down I have to say "Manos; The Hands of Fate" and "Santa Conquers the Martians". These have to be some of the best/worst B movies I have ever seen. The first one has pointless scenes of women fighting each other, evil hell beasts, and Torgo. Torgo makes the whole movie.
  8. *throws white sparkly confettii up into the air* Congrats you two!
  9. *huggles Nephi lots* If you ever need someone to talk to I'm here for you Nephi.
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