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  1. Edeyn ti Gemallen Arrel, Lan's carniera (literally, "First"), his first lover - from http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~karlh/newspring/legends/alphafirst.html#E
  2. Lan, for me. Big, stone-faced, rock-hard, what more could you ask?
  3. Verin actually thinks to herself, can't remember where, that she has beening working on something, about the Dragon Reborn I think, for seventy years. And won't let it go wrong because of...something. That's all I can remember. Anyone?
  4. I have read the first six books 7 times. One for each new book until LoC, then once or twice each for the later ones. I used to read the whole series again, before a new one came out. After #6, I just read the previous book as prep. I started again after I read KoD. From the beginning. I am going slow, between school semesters. I should be ready when Memory of Light comes out. :D
  5. Luckers, honey, slow down. I was not distaining any particular, or any at all, religious belief. I was quoting from the a conversation with the Author. I noted the lack of organized religion, not spiritual belief. Although, it is commented by many of the characters in the story, that most people do not believe in the Dark One. And the generic forms followed for ceremonies such as weddings are, for the most part, "civil" in nature, not religious. Ethnically-Jewish, Pagan-by-inclination,
  6. Ah, religion. I had wondered if anyone ever noticed the almost-total lack of religion. Duinn, I attended the book signing in Pasadena, after KoD was released. When I got to the table to get my books signed, I asked my question. "Why is there no religion?" The Children of Light might rise to that level, and maybe The Way of the Leaf, but no real, organized concept of religion. RJ answered that most religion is people meeting to affirm their own impressions and reassure each other. In a world where the miraculous happens every day, religion is not really needed. And there is no Book. And I said, so you didn’t write any, and RJ said "Yes." And he smiled. And, Nicola's Fortelling says, "Three on the boat, and he who is dead yet lives." It does not say he IS dead. Like the first three, I think this is a description of WHO, not HOW he is. Could this be Rand, and the girls (Elayne, Avie, and Min) on a boat TO somewhere? Like the other side of tha Aryth Ocean, maybe, with Mat and Tuon? Going to fix Seanchan? Just a thought...
  7. Didn't Min see something about a "leaf" around Perrin? The man who gave up the axe for the hammer? The man who wished the Tinkers Way was possible? I think it was in Baerlon, or the next time she saw him. Sorry, I don't keep track of quotes well.
  8. I seem to remember someone, somewhere, I think the Tower, saying that part of the punishment of Stilling is having to release the Warder from his Bond. It may have been from a novice lecture, I can't really pin it down. Siuan was Stilled without trial, and Andric was probably killed trying to stop them from taking her in the first place. So some of that doesn't apply. But, the natural grief of an old friend being killed was already with her, but overshadowed by the Stilling. Being Healed of the Stilling re-activates the AS side if the bond, I think, and the full weight of his death fell on her. I am re-reading the whole series, and watching for just this sort of stuff. Cheers,
  9. In the real world, as in Randland, that is a shepherd's crook. The only thing one is supposed to catch with it is sheep. Hence, the sheep...
  10. Moiraine's return will cut the foundation of The List out from under him. It is one of the things he does to punish himself, for doing what he has to do, instead of weeping for the necessity of their dieing. Moiraine will probably, at least figuratively, smack him up-side the head for having The List in the first place. She might express actual fondness for him, too. He has always thought she just used him to save the world. I think she will reclaim him from Cads, as well. It is traditional not to interfere in another Sister's business, and Rand is definitely Moiraine's business.
  11. A few years ago, under slightly less dire circumstances, I WAS Harriet. Or, at least I was doing the same thing she is doing, propping up my man, and waiting. Good wishes are about all one can do. Until it's over. Then, spa time. :lol: Probably for both of them. All the postings are addressed to RJ, with an aside, or postscript for Harriet. How about something directed TO Harriet, personally? Messages and art and prayers, etc, for her?
  12. Another Verin question- The Great Hunt, pg. 195, Verin says, "Moiraine Sedai sent me" Does anyone remember if Moiraine ever confirmed sending Verin after the expedition with Ingtar and the boys to retrieve the Horn and the dagger? That is not getting around the Three Oaths, that would be a LIE.
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