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Battle of the Bands - SOUL


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We are now moving into Week 2 of the Battle of the Bands. The next genre up is Soul, and below are the 3 nominations for this category.


The Archers have nominated... JAMES BROWN

James Joseph Brown, Jr., commonly referred to as "The Godfather of Soul," "King of Funk," and "The Hardest Working Man in Show Business", was recognized as one of the most influential figures in 20th century popular music. He was renowned for his shouting vocals, feverish dancing and unique rhythmic style. Brown was a pivotal force in the evolution of gospel and rhythm and blues into soul and funk. Brown began his professional music career in 1953, and rose to fame during the late 1950s and early 1960s on the strength of his thrilling live performances and string of smash hits. In spite of various personal problems and setbacks he continued to score hits in every decade through to the 1980s.

Simply put.....The Godfather of Soul. ;)


The Cavalry have nominated... ARETHA FRANKLIN

If one looks up Soul Music in the dictionary one will find The Queen of Souls' picture... Aretha re-defined Soul in he mid sixties after signing with Atlantic Records and her very first single there, "I Never Loved A Man" was the start of a long line of number one singles. From a whispered delivery (that gives shivers to any red blooded man) to passionate primal howls this song exemplifies her style and like nearly any song she sings is hers to the bone....


The recipient of countless awards, honorary degrees from Universities and the Berklee College of Music, various honors and firsts she has even stood in for Luciano Pavarotti at the 1998 Grammy Awards to sing "Nessun Dorma" with less than 24 hours to prepare when he was to ill to appear... and in His Key! She is a truly remarkable and influential artist and The Jewel In The Crown of Soul.


The Infantry have nominated... BARRY WHITE

Barry Eugene White was a Grammy Award winning American record producer, songwriter and singer responsible for the creation of numerous hit soul and disco songs. He released numerous gold and platinum albums, as well as numerous gold singles and platinum singles. All inclusive albums (record sales of White's music with singles) are in excess of 50 million.


Barry White was founder and maestro of the Love Unlimited Orchestra, that featured a ground breaking synthesis of strings and funk-based percussion. He became well known as a chart-topping soul artist for the blend of bass vocals and "passionate" delivery.


Sample Song



There you go. There are the 3 nominations. All you now need to do is pick who you want to win (please highlight in some way or another) and go through as the Champion of Soul for the Grand Final! You have until Saturday 17th May 2008 to make your choice!

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Sure, James Brown is the supposed "Godfather" of soul...but what about the QUEEN of SOUL???  James Brown was closer to funk than true soul music.  The original Diva herself, the woman who personified all diva-ness, and that is miss ARETHA FRANKLIN!  I am not denying that the Godfather is bad....but Aretha is soul music....she is who most of today's Soul singers look to.  They ask...What would Aretha Do?


Barry White is a strong soul singer, but even he must bow down to the Queen Diva. 


Before you vote....YOU BETTA THINK!!!!!  VOTE: Aretha Franklin!

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cause Otis was R&B ... small but significant difference....


James was definitely Funk .. The beat was on the one... His Creation actually.


Barry was and always will be Disco Barry to me .... and I'm not certain he ever actually Sang a song. Not that I ever got all the way through one. So he could'a sung a couple and I just hit the change channel button.

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Well I will admit that there are major inclusions of Funk in JBrown's music....it was the product of the era.  I am a bit disappointed that I forgot about Aretha....*Smacks forehead*....And under different circumstances would even vote for her.....however I must stand by my nomination.....I mean honestly when you say soul, do you not automatically think of "The Godfather of Soul"  ;) ;D


[glow=red,2,300]James Brown[/glow]

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After 13 votes, the final vote count is as follows:


Aretha Franklin - 6

Barry White - 4

James Brown - 3


Therefore, the winner is...



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