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Hi All!


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How about 'Hi'? ;)


Anyway, welcome (back) to the Forums, and before the Org recruiters pick up the scent of fresh Welcome thread, i'm going to go ahead and ask not to forget about the actual RP and join a Division or two as well ;D

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*smells fresh blood*


Okay, maybe not. Maybe it is Empy's shoes again.


Anyway, welcome to DM! Hope you are having a great time! Feel free to ask any questions about anything DM has to offer - even Empy's smelly shoes!


One place to get away from that smell is the Band of the Red Hand ORG, DM's very own music and travel ORG. Exciting months are ahead of us, so feel free to join in. Of course, you will come across other smells! ;)


Also, as you are from Poland, take a look into the DM EuroMeet in Ghent, Belgium. I believe at least 2 other Poles are going! It will be a great time to meet fellow WoT enthusiasts! Oh, and I should be there, money depending!


But whatever you do, have fun! :)

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Welcome back, Whitefire  :D


I keep hoping someone is going to answer this question one day ... lol ... so I'll try it on you too:


What is it about WoT that attracts you to the series ?

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Guest nephitess

Hello Whitefire! glad you came by. :)


Come and check out the White Tower and the Aiel!! Both Orgs are full of fun people and lots of activity. In both Orgs we have actives that you can be involved in. right now the Aiel have the Humor contest. *nods*


enjoy your time here!!

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