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  1. Of course nobody should tell any writer what to write about. That's why we shouldn't think about AMoL. It's not about AMoL. It's about getting the full picture after book 11. Plus, Brandon wrote: "I'm aware of most of this, of course, but there's always the chance that I'll miss something. So, if there are questions you are looking to have answered in Book Twelve, go ahead and post them." Honestly speaking, I think it would be just as good a thing to do if RJ was still working on the series. For us!
  2. I would like you guys to look at a topic I started on Brandon's forums: http://www.timewastersguide.com/forum/index.php?topic=5772.0, It's more or less the same as this and actually BS has posted in this topic stating it is useful [i am [i]thrilled [/i];D] If you read all the books, could you please consider writing something there as well? Admitedly, I wouldn't have started that other topic if I had carefully read dragonmount's description of AMOL. It says "Dragonmount will soon publish a list of unresolved questions and plot threads that we know of." I am sorry, I simply didn't know about this at the time. But nonetheless, it's nothing bad, and its fun, right?
  3. That's right, and moreover we know that the Ogier have special powers for growing and they do not channel. They even use these powers in steddings! I am also under the impression, that the AOL Aiel who started to channel were very few, but once it happened, they joined the Aes Sedai. I know it's not that obvious, but I'd say that the voice was a Talent which did not require the Power. It could serve to enhance channeling, but I believe only when it came to growing things, living things. Creating chora trees? Holding back the Blight? Better food supply? Maybe reducing crime rate?
  4. Well, since you ask, it's not very important here I think, but you'll find it in glossaries under "Talents". Um... wait... I have it in book 7, no idea whether its elsewhere too. As to what Song means, I agree that myth-explanation is most logical. To me as well. I just like the other idea and its not impossible, isn't it? Where did you get that: That's a good quote, it suggests that Singing was a social event even for those without the Voice.
  5. I'd agree with cloglord. After all, he didn't recognize his wife lying dead in front of him, didn't notice the earth was shaking, didn't recognize his mortal enemy--I'd say his judgements are not exactly a solid basis for making assuptions. At best, I'd risk a wild guess that Aiel were frequent guests at his house, even ones he didn't know. Maybe as messengers from other Aes Sedai?
  6. We know, earth singing is a talent for earthquakes and cloud dancing is a talent for weather control. There should be many capital letters in my last sentence too :) They are simply talents with One Power. The Aiel supposedly helped channeling during seed singing, but we don't know the details. We don't know that, really... It's very likely the truth, especially when we consider what Thom said about history (and I think RJ's view would be more or less the same), but there's also a chance that this was some general name for Aiel "Talent" of singing. It is possible that the people who never intentionally destroyed any "threads" in the Pattern were rewarded with some mystical strength.
  7. I'm not really new here, I was registered and active under the same login once, but it was perhaps 10 years ago :) Maybe a little less. Anyway, I'm from Poland, great fan of WoT, and what else is there to say?
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