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Hey ppl...wats up

Mearad Sedai

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Ummm... you have to ease that warder bit in a little classier.  It is kind of like going to a bar and asking the first girl you see to sleep with you.  Not that I ever do that... and if I did do that... I confess it rarely works.  Anyway, welcome to DM.  I would suggest heading over to the White Tower Org or White Tower RP Division if you want to get a Warder.  Both you are going to have to do some work first as even though your name says Sedai... you are not officially one.


Beware Dsage and his spiel about the orgs.  It will put you to sleep....

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Welcome, Mearad Sedai!  How are you enjoying DM so far? 


Well I believe it's obvious that you are rather fond of the Aes Sedai side of things, so I definitely suggest that you check out the White Tower Org.  And while you are there, be sure to stop by the Red Ajah.  I know what you're thinking.  Red Ajah!  No way!!!  But the Org Red Ajah are nothing like they are in the books, they are a lot of lovable little vampiresses... lol.  You'll love it over that way.


Oh and I also suggest that you check us out over at the Wolfkin Org!  We have tons of fun over that way and we really enjoy ourselves.  We have tons of Tequila and chili to go around, so stop on by and see us sometime.  Oh and if you like what you see, you can join more than one org, y'know! ;)  I think most people here on DM belong to multiples of Orgs.  I just belong to the Tower and the Wolfkin myself, I try to keep it simple.  lol


See you soon! 


*gives her a Red Tequila for the road*

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Welcome to DM!!!


I see you want to be Aes Sedai. Ah well, looks like another one lost to that silly old cause of channeling the One Power. Overrated, if you ask me. Oh, and asking straight out for a Warder won't get you anywhere. Very much frowned upon...


Check out everything DM has to offer. Below is an attempted rip off of a popular advert to help describe DM...


The White Tower - all pansies

The RP Side - insane

The Seanchan - Good, but not good enough

For everyone else, it's the Band of the Red Hand ORG!  8)


But whatever you do at DM, have fun!

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Hey Corki... how did you know how my past girlfriends refered to me?




Seanchan - Beastly... Burly and hairy like strong cavemen that lost their clubs and scratch their head trying to remember where they last put it... maybe the icebox... but then they remember this hasn't been invented... DAMN... its in the fire... fire pretty... look at the pretty fire... FIRE HOT!  Ouchie.... 


Yeah, the Seanchan is more like that..... Hot like a Fire that wants to burn you in a naughty painful way.....  and strong cavemen....

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hey wait the RP aint...oh nm we are :P


welcome *s*


As said you want one of the WT's but they didnt explain difference, org is out of character, sort of like clubs or whatnot, if you join WT org its you as you interacting. In the divisions there are people who make characters they play with, if you join the wt div you can have up too 3 AS characters.


if you want to join the org contact U4EA, if you think the div is what you are looking for contact Elgee...they are the respective MoNsters (nick name MoN = Mistress of Novices) for the two WT's


hope you find what you are after...and like the others say...have fun whatever you do

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