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Moridin and Shaidar Haran


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Guest silver89

Agree they are two different people (can Myrddraal be people?). Both scary Moridin because he is the Nae'blis and Shaidar because he's an Eyeless that can command and terrify Forsaken :o


Side note: I'd be weeing myself if I ever met either of them. (not a brave statment but honest) ;D

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No, we never saw them together.


I do think Morodin/ Shadar Haran share the same Soul. (and are thus -in essence- the same "being")


Was Ishamael/Moridin lying when he used the name the 'Heart of the Dark' or 'Soul of the Shadow'?

I don't think he was.


One step further;

The Nae'blis is Shai'tan & is the True Power.

Like an Evil Trinity that balances the Good Trinity;


The Creator ("father"), The Dragon - Rand/Lews Therin ("son" - one human, one divine) & the One Power ("holy spirit")


Shai'tan ("father"), The Nae'blis - Moridin/Shadar Haran ("son" - one human, one divine) & the True Power ("unholy spirit"  for lack of a better word)




*shrugs* I think it fits.


Besides, a finite ammount of the DO's essence managed to prevent being captured. (AKA 'the Taint'). So what was only partially bound? The Dark One.

Who did we see in the prologue? Ishamael.

He was only partially bound. Coincidence? I think not.


Why would Ishamael lie about the thousands of battles to someone he was going to kill? He didn't lie. It's all part of one and the same thing; Shai'tan, Ishy/ Moridin, Shadar Haran & True Power.


Heart/Soul & Hand of the Shadow/Dark...are in fact One.

Just one mans opinion.. don't shoot me! Please!



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sorry for dragging up an old topic...but i just reached the part in ACOS and i was wondering if Moridin/Shadar Haran could be a being like Luke/Isam
No. Or, at the very least, we have nothing to indicate such is the case, and Luc and Isam are very aware of their condition (we have had Moridin and SH povs and no mention is made of it).
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I thought SH was the DO's....avatar the physical embodiment of his power.


That is the way that I have always thought about Shaidar Haran, also. I don't believe its exactly correct, but its the best understanding concerning Shaidar Haran that I've been able to conclude.

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WinespringBrother: Is Shaidar Haran an avatar to the world beyond the Bore?


Jordan: I am not certain you can really call him an avatar because I generally think of an avatar as having exactly the same powers as, and it is not, Shaidar Haran does not have nearly as much power as the Dark One. Its as though the Dark One is able to project a shadowy form of himself into this creatureit is the Dark One in shadowy form.


WinespringBrother: Is it twenty four seven, or just part time.


Jordan: Twenty four seven.


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