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  1. last battle of the cycle, but everyone is destined to be spun out again i thought that the most commmon accepted theory was that Shadar Haran is the DO's avatar for manifestation o always took it that the forsaken were like the heroes of the horn...only they arent reborn to fight for the light, but for the darkenss
  2. but did she even know rand was coming? i thought he just went there and blasted the palace to oblivion with balefire....i only read TGS once so far though so my memory may be hazy on the subject
  3. well yeah some are true and some arent and some are perceptions of the individual at the time to refute the claims - The girls suspected Elaida being a DF at the time of that test (even though they were wrong) BUT Elaida was being maneouvered by the black for a while and did end up becoming Amyrlin and subsequently pulled down - At the time of the test everythign Egwene knew of Aes Sedai was that the face was synonomous with the position....Egwene was Aes Sedai without swearing oath rod...and its debatable if that requirement will still be lifted once it becomes common knowledge of the reduced lifespan side effect
  4. didnt the rings show Beldeine as Egwene's Keeper in Eg's accepted test? i dont think she's gonna die besides she isnt even in the white tower to worry about the blood knifes at the moment
  5. just starting a game of thrones by George RR Marting for the first time ever, i was told its good, its weird that i had never heard anything about it before, i love fantasy novels and i recall seeing this book in the fantasy section of the books stores but i never bothered to see what it was about... we'll see how it goes :) and it'll give me something to pass the time until ToM... @ chuckievi I'm reading shadowmawarch as well...Tad rocks ;)
  6. I cannot wait to read this book! ;D its unthinkable to have 2 WOT books in 2 years and if you could finish the FAQ that would be cool...brandon is writing books faster than the faq is being updated :P haha j/k *peace*
  7. guitar...i have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and a Semi-Acoustic Samick...my Amp right now is a Line6 Spider II 30
  8. I've never read thes books before, but was recommended that they were really good ... i've managed to get myself a copy of the books so i will be starting to read the series soon ... wish me luck :) I'm a big fan of fantasy literature so its shocking to me that i havent even known about this series until this year :-\
  9. Neemo

    The Gars

    http://www.steelypips.org/wotfaq/1_dark/1.2_forsaken2/1.2.1_gars.html yes and their alias' are Dashiva - Aginor/Osan'gar; Halima - Balthamel/Aran'gar
  10. ^thanks Majsju :) i guess all i can do about this is RAFO ;D
  11. well to be fair .... RJ spends very little time with Mat and Rand from White Bridge to Four Kings, so its possible that we didnt get to witness the sickness that time
  12. if it's not thoms daggers then the only other option was rand inadvertently channeling...he didnt get sick when he channelled into bela did he?
  13. yeah it was just that SH tells Moggy to close her eyes..then they jump through the shadow and then moridin tells her to open her eyes....when did the mindtrap exchange take place?
  14. blue sparks when he faces off against the fade ;)
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