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  1. I think the DO didn't let her have her full strength back to remind her that you betrayed me once don't do it again.
  2. I could never finish the Thomas Covenant Series because I hated that character so much. Although if I had leprosy I would whine alot too.
  3. I don't think that will be a problem. ;D
  4. Maybe she thought her chances better to get away without channeling. Traveling takes quite alot of the OP so.... I think that Mer was just trying to help Tal and the WT at the same time.
  5. I think I have to go with Machin Shin, the name is just way cooler so......
  6. Didn't he say something to Bashere about hearing he was down here in the south..... maybe he didn't want to be recognized before he could insinuate himself with Rand.
  7. Berylla and Rianna does anyone remember what their ajah's where?
  8. I don't suspect being BA has anything to do with waders I think it is most what Ajah you are trying to blend into. So who is giving Masuri and Annoura orders?
  9. Just imagine the crazy positions you could accomplish with a few weaves of air...
  10. The four way, that is what's gonna teach Rand to laugh and cry.
  11. Galad makes the most sense to me. Plus if the theories about Perrin's group meeting up with the WC then they would finally meet. I want to know if Galad will end up becoming King of Cairhein, this seems unlikely now that he is the Lord Captain Commander of the CoL but I still think it would be a good choice as King.
  12. Sweet does really good with the horses though. ;D
  13. I thought SH was the DO's....avatar the physical embodiment of his power.
  14. I don't know why everyone is so up in arms over if Asmo is Taim. Why can't Taim be himself. Sometime we WoT fans read to much into things. Jordan killed Asmo like that is mess with us.
  15. I thought Elyas said that becoming a Wolfbrother was what "fuzzed" the bond.
  16. Yeah but madness is madness. I don't think there is anything different about Taint induced madness. It maybe come on quicker and be more severe, but the madness is still gonna have the same symptoms. One of my close friends has schizophrenia so I have some experience with those types of ppl.
  17. Why is anyone even replying to this.... The argument has long since become redundant.
  18. It is stressed in more then one place that Graendal is the expert in mental illness. What I want to see is Semi in a collar with Nynaeve holding the leash. That should be interesting.
  19. My ONLY thing with Rand is that he does whine and awful lot. Other then that I'm cool he is a great dynamic character that actually behaves like a person.
  20. Ok I [glow=red,2,300]HATED[/glow] Thomas Covenant. I had to quit reading I hated that character so bad.
  21. I browsed this thread for awhile looking for this question, then got tired of it and decided to post it, if it has already been mentioned then sorry. Does anyone remember LTT, when talking to Rand once he mentions "The Other" voice. Do you think Lews had someone talking to him in his head in the AOL? If he did do you think you could consider him mad before the taint?
  22. I think Egwene is doing a fine job. She has taken the "battle" into the heart of the Tower and is showing, by her actions what Aes Sedai really is.
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