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  1. i think the thing that bothers me most in sanderson's writing is the way he has handles the romantic scenes, a 14 year old girl could have put more thought into some of those scenes. then there is tempest every chance he gets. i dont think anyone but jordan could have gotten it right, sadly. i will take what is given and be thankful for it.
  2. ha! that was nothing. ive taken far worse, as you are about to.....
  3. i wasnt proposing murder in the sense of hindsight. semi's crimes are undisputed and warrant a death sentence under tower law, or any law of randland.
  4. i dont buy the else theory for lanfear. egwene is the only one to encounter "else", and being fairly untrained in the ability to sense the power in others, she may have mistaken the ability in else. i dont believe she comments either way on that. why couldnt it be nesune? because she was being held captive by the wise ones? the same reason it could be tsutama, or anyone else really, the ability to travel at will. danelle is really only the most obvious choice due to appearance,anyone who is messaana would be able to invert weaves to conceal her identity and her level of strngth in the power, eavesdrop or compell anyone to give her info. i just dont think there is enough info to nail it down. it is still only guesswork no matter how certain anyone is.
  5. they should just kill semi and be done with it. she certainly isnt going to share any useful info, and she is not going to allow any binding.
  6. sense and reason. i hate reading early release prologues. i would, of course, buy it, then read it, then hate myself for the six months to a year before getting the rest of the book...
  7. nyn was "blocked" during her encounters with mog. lanfear/cyndane tells the chosen that rand has a woman strong enough in the power to use the female access key, which we know to be nynaeve. why is mog accredited to being such a coward? she ran one of the most successful spy networks right under LTT's nose, very dangerous. certainly she waits for her moments, but so does everyone else.
  8. lelaine is a sitter for the blue ajah, and has been for 40 years. this being sheriam's own ajah, why would it be a suprise that sheriam would not defend herself against her own sitter? a sitter would not need to invert or reverse any weavings, sheriam already knows a sister can channel.one simple weave for privacy and any sister could beat sheriam til the cows come home without any interferance. where did it say that sheriam couldnt sense the ability in the woman beating her?
  9. the archways are effectively controlled by the AS, as it was alluded to in NS during moiraine's testing when in her POV she thought elaida had added moiraine's father to the experience. we dont really know if the portal stones can be manipulated at all, let alone controlled.
  10. slayer takes credit for killing a grey man in the tower, but why would an assassin for the darkside kill another assassin of the darkside? who, other than the forsaken commands the grey men? i happen to agree with you on the possibilty that leane is black. the other questions i would like to see answered about leane would be: why is she being treated like a long lost child, instead of a woman convicted of treason, which is what she was stilled for. wasnt she to be executed with suian before the great escape?
  11. tyrell is correct. all indications are that at this point in the story, the DO had intended on turning the dragon and naming him na'bliss. the title was up for grabs until moridans re-emergance.
  12. for ishmael, the eye could have simply served the purpose of exposing the dragon. up to this point in the story it could have been mat or perrin, as far as he knew.
  13. what was posted after elaida's coup is suspect, but may have been deception along the lines of what suian did upon arrival at salidar, with logain. it may be that suian was deposed for other reasons than taim and that was sealed to the hall. the treason may have been the knowledge and aid of the dragon reborn, and not reporting information to the hall of the tower. i dont believe the tower split over whether or not to support rand, but because the full hall was not notified before deposing the amyrlin.
  14. tam althor taught rand the mental excercises, but it was lan who taught rand the forms.
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