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Moments where you actually shed a tear

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I am just curious if any of you actually cried at any point in the series. I would love to hear about what did it for you. Obviously this would be a spoiler-centric thread. I made it to the final book and never did. I have four hours left in the audiobook so there may be moments ahead, but I finally had my first tears.


Spoiler following


I was quite surprised by this to be honest, but Siuan’s death was the first scene in the whole series that got my tears. I didn’t even realize how much I had liked her until that moment. And, to me, it was one of the bravest moments of the entire series. Granted I have four hours left so there could be more.

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I don't know about tears, but Rand and Tam awkward meeting in the Gathering Storm was epic. Rand has been avoiding his father in fear of his father finding out that he is the Dragon Reborn who may save, but break the world. Tam has been avoiding Rand because he doesn't want to be a stumbling block to his son. 

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(Spoilers. All the spoilers for many books.)


A little late for this thread going by the last post but here some moments where I actually cried sometimes more than a little. For the last book and not in any order.

When Lan is on what he thinks is his last ride against the Trollocs and the gates open up behind him I had to stop and calm myself down for a while.
Siuan's death, I was expecting it but it still managed to make me cry.
Egwene's Flame of Tar Valon bit? Surprisingly not really because of Egwene but because how much it reminded me of the story of Queen Eldrene of Menetheren.
Rand´s “It’s never been about me” speech. I have no words just made me cry like a baby.
Lan's apparent death when he took down Demandred and also later on when it turns out he didn’t die when he took down Demandred.

I am sure there are more but these are the ones that came to mind just now. As for the other books:

Rand’s time out in the box. So many tears, all of them really. It took me ages to read it because I would just burst into tears again and again every other paragraph.
When they cleansed Saidin.
When Nynaeve Healed Logain.
Nynaeve getting the army for Lan.
The Hinderstap bubble of Evil. Most bubbles of Evil made me cry a little.
When they even hinted at how Shadowspawn were created for each kind.


And I am going to leave it here or I will start crying again.

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Brigette protecting Elayne during the last battle and that whole sequence.  I have daughters and I was screaming and crying at the book.  Don't care if Elayne wasn't my favorite character, you don't do that to any woman and I loved Brigette and that hurt.


Noal's sacrifice in the tower.


Olver blowing the horn and Noal standing over him.


Nynaeve calling the Malkier and other to follow the crane.


I was really cheering for Aram to be saved, to come around.  My eyes welled up when his story ended and it didn't work out.


Strands of gold.


Mat's and Aviendha's death in Caemlyn.  Had to read that over and over again cause I thought I had misread.  Had tears welling up during Rand's whole battle after that thinking "balefire his a**!"

Spoiler warning for all books.

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I forget his name, but the Shinarian who was a darkfriend that eventually comes back to the light and sacrifices himself so Rand and co can escape. He went to the shadow to save his people. He lived a life fighting Trollocs, watching friends fall trying to do the same all the while the rest of the world who benefits from their sacrifices don't even believe that Trollocs exist. The borderlanders in general are born to a trying life. They sacrifice everything to keep the shadow back and the rest of the world are just bunch of squabbling ingrates. It's unfair that most of the responsibility for maintaining safety falls to the borderlanders and when all hell breaks loose they are the ones who would bear most of the brunt. 


I understood his logic. Defeating the shadow would require everyone's cooperation, but most of the world spent its energy squabbling for power or wealth never really appreciating what the borderlanders were really doing for them (and in some cases even mocking them for talking about Trollocs like they're real). In his mind, he didn't see a chance of defeating the shadow because the rest of the world was just so uninspiring. So even if it would cost him his soul, he would make a different kind of sacrifice; one that wouldn't help defeat the shadow, but rather one that would protect his people once the shadow eventually won. The people who probably deserved salvation more than anyone else. People who sacrificed most for salvation. 

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