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  1. So it seems that Verrain has switched sides and is working for Edith
  2. I thought Verrin was with the white tower adie sedi but she’s with the Emssey set of Aide sedi out to control Rand or something I don’t really understand it all to be honest too many characters
  3. I don’t really like that part of the story that they are all in love with him these types of things bore me in stories The Rand parts can see what he is doing getting nations together for last battle but it’s very slow pace so I got to say Rand is my least favourite character Perrin doesn’t really do much either
  4. I do roll my eyes that Rand has three women in love with him it’s like a soap opera
  5. Many things confuse me with this story to be honest
  6. I have just read about the bowl it can control weather that’s all I know oh and needs a man to channel it seems random haha but I’m guessing it’s a big thing
  7. She like dumps him right at the start and tells him to go for Elane unless they get back together in books I don’t know but his not with Egwene for long
  8. What can they do with Login in season one I can’t remember him doing anything at that stage in the book
  9. I didn’t really notice what she did to him but hey I don’t really pick up on everything Rands parts are really slow I find
  10. So who did Suilun wrong in lord of chaos thanks for your help
  11. What does toh mean again and what powers does Fain have again
  12. It looked very much like legend of the seeker style too me saying that I liked that show I liked that story better than I am of wheel of time at the moment don’t hate me lol But it doesn’t look like a game of thrones rival but in saying that I didn’t like game of thrones I will watch it probably when I finish the books
  13. Perrin really isn’t in this story much it seems which is disappointing well his had one scene where he says he has to go help Rand and then vanishes in Lord of Chaos anyway I still have no idea what is going on with that magical bowl unless it will end the drought and now Matt has been attacked by Aiel like aren’t they Rands people baffling
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