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  1. From a budgeting standpoint that absolutely makes sense. You can avoid casting 5 (6?) pivotal cast members, a few minor characters and save a set. And when you think of story arcs to Camelyn works just as well as through.
  2. Since I am progressive (ha) wife - Mistress Anan. She just seems to have life figured out. Heckuva business owner. Heckuva secret keeper. Knows when self sacrifice has to come. husband - Perrin - Strong, silent type with more going on that comes across the face. Wise. Slightly magical. Better leader than he knows. Good package
  3. For what will probably be Season 1, I think they really have to do (as others said) Winternight. Another scene super early (probably episode 1) that will reveal a lot is the ferry/healing, in other words, what the one power looks like on screen. I get that isn’t a pivotal scene, but it is imperative for how the power works for the rest of the show. Outside of that, for season 1, I think Rand meeting the Trakands & Elaida will be important to see on screen. Too many pivotal people and important relationships. They aren’t necessarily the big events, but if done poorly, the whole show could fail.
  4. I am just curious if any of you actually cried at any point in the series. I would love to hear about what did it for you. Obviously this would be a spoiler-centric thread. I made it to the final book and never did. I have four hours left in the audiobook so there may be moments ahead, but I finally had my first tears. Spoiler following I was quite surprised by this to be honest, but Siuan’s death was the first scene in the whole series that got my tears. I didn’t even realize how much I had liked her until that moment. And, to me, it was one of the bravest moments of the entire series. Granted I have four hours left so there could be more.
  5. Agreed. in principle I absolutely agree with you. Had I cast the roles based on how I pictured them after reading, I don’t think any of them would have been chosen. But here’s what’s great…it wasn’t me. It was someone who knows great young talent in the field!! I am with you…as long as they bring these characters to life I don’t care if they look exactly like their descriptions. I am just excited to see how they do the series.
  6. Thanks for the details. I think I just notice Jordan has specific descriptions for different people of different nations. I am not one of those “Egwene is white!!” people. I just think of Edmond’s Field folk as having a similar look, namely because Rand stands out. also, I haven’t seen any screen test photos so it may all be different than just seeing their IMDb profile pics. A 6’2” actor should be fine for Lan. Thanks. And I bet he bulked up. Not worried now. finally, I am all for the “changes” that seem to be made. I think the cast “looks” great and am excited to see the interpretation.
  7. I posted earlier in a different forum, but I am a 42 year old dad on his third time through WoT, but the first time getting past book 10. I am excited to learn how it ends finally. Between a full-time job and taking care of two kids when my wife works, I am relying on the audiobooks and it has been a game changer since it is much easier to listen to a book than read one when holding an infant! Let's see - I have always been a Perrin fan. Faile drove me nuts until this time through. I am starting to notice the way that Jordan writes about women in a different way than he writes men. I am shocked by every Black Ajah reveal, and currently wondering who is the ninja Ashaman is killing everyone all around Tar Valon. My favorite aes sedai is probably Verin so far (even if she is black ajah). And if I could have anyone's powers it would probably be Min's.
  8. I am on my third attempt at the WoT books and I cannot tell you how much the audiobooks have helped, especially on books 8-10. For me just a mention of the Seanchan makes me want to gnash my teeth and quit. But having the audio books has been a game changer. For the first time I have made it to the Knife of Dreams, and look forward to finally finishing the series. I am not sure if anyone else has had this, but the difference between reading and listening to the books has changed how I perceive certain characters and in all honesty how Jordan writes his female characters. (This could also be true, because my wife and I have had two daughters in the past two years, so I am way more observant about how women are betrayed in general.) For instance, Faile seems like a much better person through the audiobooks than through reading. You really see her strength of character as opposed to what seem to be antics. For those of you who have both read and listened to the series, have you had a similar experience? Is there anything about the audiobooks you liked or hated? For instance, having the same two readers for the entire series was bloody brilliant, because although there are changes when Michael reads a character and Kate reads a character, you still have consistency for every book.
  9. Hey! New to the boards but looking at the cast - I think it looks amazing - with two questions. I thought I would see what you thought. Barney Harris - Not opposed to him as much as, I don't think he fits with the other three Emond's Fielders (not counting Rand obviously). He just doesn't look like he would have the same ancestors if that makes sense. Daniel Henney - Not opposed to him per se, but as opposed to the Mat casting, this is not a general, but specific. Daniel doesn't seem to have a fierce look to him. I also, have not seen him in another role, so for those of you who have, maybe he is fully capable. Thoughts??
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