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Hmm, was a member of these forums back when I was in high school and college. So maybe 11-14 years ago. Was with the DRPSW.org forums as Raolin Darksbane but was Davian here. Had a BT character named Demetrius Schezar not sure what happened to the bio. Did some RPing with Chris(?) in Age of Legends. And was a mod for a discussion forum for like a month lol. You guys still do the Empys? I made friends here that I still keep in touch with. Heard the WoT series was picked up by a studio and started rereading EotW so naturally... came back here to.see what's up! 



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Hi Davian and welcome back to DM. I'm the PSW Admin, so if I can help at all just let me know. No sign of your BT char on their website but it may be stored in the email. If there were others, I'd need more info to try and track them down. If you wanted to RP them again that is. :) Afraid things are fairly quiet these days across the whole site, activity is sporadic in the RP but there are some older members about on and off. You may know Matalina or Arie? They've both been around longer than me. The offsite RP boards were gone before I got involved which was around 2006.

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Welcome back Davian! I'm also an old member who's just returning! I made you a siggy as a welcome gift ?


I used these two images to make a dramatic Black Tower in a cloudy sky https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/537476536773991264/ and https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ7qtRyGyB3o8Uj5xvSdTx2IKiMSZxrvxmdyTfB20F6zabDb-Sp 


And a font called 28 Days Later from Urban Fonts




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Not sure why im not getting notifications sorry it took over a year to respond lmao. 


This siggy looks amazing @Naked~Frog!! Thank youuuu


@Taymist thanks I'd love to rejoin an RP. I was a part of the Dumai's Wells RP on DRPSW over 15 years ago lol. Time flies and I don't remember the stories. The glory days here were amazing. The internet grew up while we were telling stories here. We used to have a chat too! 


I miss those days as a young man in these forums. Will try to log in more often.


Thanks ?

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Nevermind that was Niamh*... were you Mistress of Novices?


And now I remember it was called DMPSW.com... thats where I was most active. The forums didn't crash there lol. We also created an RP sister forum called MirrorsOfTheWheel.com for a little while with Kevin and a few others.

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  • Moderator

I, am not sure what I was at that time. I didn't take over the WT until 2005-6? Though I was neither of those. (I let others play the big roles). 

However, I may have attempted a character on Mirrors, so perhaps that is why. ? It's been forever, though I'm sure if i dig through .txt bio's i would find something in my archives. XD

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My archives temp down working on fixing it but know I think had stuff from Dunkin, not sure I saved much from mirrors...almost forgot about that.


I used to be Congress of the shadow leader...before I had Liitha in the yards I played Tanitsja.


Your name does ring a bell...


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