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[Green Ajah Nature Week] Nature Photography


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Nature photography refers to a wide range of photography taken outdoors and devoted to displaying natural elements, such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of nature scenes, and it's elements.


I will be sharing some particularly beautiful photos that I've found. There will be a link to each photo/photographer. I will be sharing some that my husband has taken over the years and perhaps a few of my own.  


You are welcome to share photos. 



Welcome to Green Ajah Nature week!

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I live in prime photo taking country for the nature enthusiast. I however, am not good with cameras, nor am I much interested in taking pictures. However, mountain pics are my fave.


Here are a couple I found on the inter webs that are of home.




Yellowstone Falls. Beautiful, also packed to the jowls from May to Sept. best to get to the park really early or really late season.




Chief Joseph Scenic Highway, is a lost treasure. My absolute favorite area for camping and snowboarding adventures. This red rock formation starts at the base of the pass, and holds a special place in my heart.





Cooke City Montana. Not the town I live in, but close enough. This is the town at the NE entrance to Yellowstone, and the most beautiful drive into the park of all the entrances/exits(imo).

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This is from about a year ago, when Hurricane Matthew narrowly missed us and grazed the coastline.  A friend of the family took this photo:



Then these two were photos I took when I was at university.  The intent was to have a seasonal set for backgrounds, but summer looked almost exactly like spring and winter (that year) had no good leaf-fall that I could find.

They're hyooge files, so I'm hiding them in spoilers:






Finally, some photos from my university shot by much more talented people than I.  During wintertime, when everything is pretty :)






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Lovely pics, Mother and Rhea!



This one was taken a number of years ago with my youngest son and my nephew and niece's sons. They were posing in front of one of Sequoia National Forest's giant trees.



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