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My cat is having hallucinations, I think

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So last Thursday when we got home, my one cat (Taz), was either running or creeping around the house, looking extremely stressed. My 1 sister, who'd visited my mother during the day, says my mother dropped her walking stick and it crashed to the tiles next to the cat. He got a massive fright.


Friday morning, I couldn't actually get out of bed to go to work - he'd crawled into my arms (he's not normally a cuddle cat), and refused to let go of me. Friday evening we eventually took him to the vet, who examined him thoroughly, but couldn't find anything wrong. She gave me tranquilizers (with pain killing ingredients) to give to the cat for 3 days.


So his symptoms are as follows:

Slinking or running randomly around the house, looking very scared

Staring fixedly at nothing, or something completely innocent, with a look of horror on his face

Jumping onto the bed or couch next to me, then jumping up and off as if pricked by something

Shaking his head whilst cocking one ear, as is there's something in there


The only time he relaxes, is if I hold him in my arms.


Has anyone ever seen this type of behaviour in a cat, or heard of it?


I can't keep drugging the cat!


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Is he fixed?  If he's not or if he wasn't until he was an adult, there's probably just a female in heat outside.  Sometimes even if they're fixed young they have a spark of that in them.


In general I wouldn't worry about it unless it goes on for weeks.  Tranqs seem unnecessary and I've always avoided those plug-in pheromone emitters too because I don't want my cats to get hooked on it and be stuck paying for them every month or else having crazy pets.


I've only ever had one cat that wasn't at least a tiny bit feral.  They aren't like dogs that have had their instincts bred out of them.  They'll have little spats where they don't trust their surroundings.  I'd say just carry on as usual and see if he snaps out of it.

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Also if you give him catnip I would try not doing that.  I've had cats act like that if they get into nip.  It's not really the calming agent it gets marketed as; it can have wildly different effects from one cat to the next.

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Sounds like the cat got a little ptsd from the fright but may also have lost some hearing from the noise. Just keep it calm and quiet and if no new symptoms appear I would ask the vet next time to check the ears and see if there might be damage. Meantime I'd observe and see if it gets snuck up on more easily from one side.


Cats can be very neurotic.

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He's about 4 years old now, was neutered before 6 months. He's normally not a scaredy cat at all (in fact, he's the brave and tough one). He acts petrified. They've had catnip quite often, but it's never affected him like this, though he doesn't get all relaxed with it. In fact, I can believe that if someone was feeding him massive amounts of the stuff he could react like this. Just don't know who would have enough of it, and be feeding him the stuff constantly since last Thursday.


He does seem to be a bit better tonight, though not 100% by far.


Haven't asked Nyna, no. I'll see if I can ambush her.

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there aren't any new plants in the home? catnip is pretty self limiting. they don't overdose on it and usually won't take it more than every third day. poor guy wasn't expecting gramma to go boom but ya check with as many vets as you can, they can miss stuff :sad:

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No new plants, no. He seems ok today, which I am so grateful for! Vets are hellishly expensive. It cost twice as much to take the cat to the vet than it does for me to go to the doctor!

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