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How much will YOU pay for AMoL?


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Guest Barmacral

Either for a fancy leatherbound copy, or for an advance copy, how much would you be willing to pay for either of those?


Myself, not a penny, I'll happily wait until release and buy a regular hardcover.



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I'm going to sound bad here, but I probably won't pay anything for it. I don't own anything in the rest of the series, so why would I buy book 12? I will probably wait for it to get into the library and the borrow it.


I love books, but I can't justify spending $$$ on them if I can borrow them for free.


The hardest part will be avoiding all the spoilers here on the forum while i wait for it

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the problem with me is that I despise hardcopies...i´d rather take a paperback anydays if i wouldn´t have to wait even longer :roll: but an advance copy...the more advance the more pay i guess, let me say double price for 1/2 year advance...but i could easily be lying :oops:


why? *eying Barmacral suspiciously* got one? *goes to hacker friends to find out more about thread originator´s whereabouts* i´d steal one any time :lol:

or are you a secret agent trying to find out at what price you could actually sell vol.12 lol that would be a coup, just imagine, people selling house child and grandma just to be able to buy their copy...

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Guest Emperor

Ummm, I didn't buy KOD.... so.... 5 dollars.


I will pick it up when it is on the cheap racks at BandN.


Yes, I am just that salty at the books.

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Guest Far Dareis Mai

I'm a collector of books, so I would most likely pay a good deal more for an advance copy. But if for some reason I couldn't, I would definately be first in line for a hardcover. For this series, money is no object. ;)

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I wouldn't bother' date=' I would wait for the regular book to come out. With KoD I didn't bother getting it until it came out in paperback. They just cost to much for a 15 yr old who only has money through her job and allowance. ;)[/quote']

I never had an allowance consider yourself lucky. Then again, I didn't have to get a job until I was 18. Just focused on school and worked for my dad on Saturday. It got me the money I needed, though. Now, though, I make more than any 20 year old should be making. Sometimes it's nice having a skill.


I wouldn't pay extra for a leather-bound copy or anything like that, it just wouldn't match. I own all the books, except 10 and 11, in the small $8 paperback version, and I intend to get those two in paper back as I go through this re-read. I'll probably give the hard-cover versions to a friend of mine who has the whole series in hard-cover, or sell them to him.


I like my books to match, and having a leather-bound version would be a total waste of money because it wouldn't match and it would look awkward next to the cheap little paperbacks and it would drive me crazy.


I will get a hardcover version on release-day, and probably call in sick, and just sit and read and read and read. But I will buy the paperback version when it comes out too, so that all my books will match.

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Guest Barmacral

Kait makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


And skadi, sorry, but I'm just too honest to do that. :P *Hides illegitimate copies behind his back*

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