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  1. I'm agreeing about the Purple Ajah thingy. That is just total and complete rubish. If it's not even rumored in the books, then how are we readers supposed to guess that she is in said ajah and that's why she is so secretive. Plus, what AoL stuff would they keep that would be so secretive?
  2. Oh, that spider web is a good thought. I never did think of it. And in support of the "No backwards, you have to go all the way out and all the way back". Those we've seen use the doorways go through and have to go all the way to the speakers then can go all the way back. On a side note, my girlfriend's hands are really cold and she's putting them on my stomach. But back on topic. Once they go all the way to the center, they can then go back to the entrances.
  3. See, that's what I'm wondering. I'm wondering, and I can't remember, so I was asking here, if it was a portal stone symbol or not. Also, as I recall, they did do everything in their power. They picked him up and bodily threw him out of the doorway. They could've done that before they threw the "Son of Battles" out, but they answered, then man handled him, so I'm wondering if it was something else.
  4. So here's what we know about Snakes and Foxes so far: 1 - You can't win unless you cheat. 2 - It was created for remembrance of how to deal with the 'finn (as revealed by Brigitte) 3 - Snakes are a piece shaped like a wavy line. 4 - Foxes are a piece shaped like a triangle. 5 - You open the game by making that sign and saying the words (as quoted above). 6 - When you roll for the S&F you move them towards your pieces by the shortest path possible. What we know of the 'Finns (in brief) 1 - One looks like snakes, the other like foxes 2 - Snakes answer questions, Foxes grant reque
  5. Because RJ said so, that's why :P
  6. Does it go cool when there is channeling going on around him, or when there is someone holding the True Source around him? If I remember correctly, during the big fight with the Shaido, Matt's medallion was not cold against him all day, but there was channeling going on all day long.
  7. I'd like to point out that lightning does not have to strike someone to kill them. It would be very possible for the lightning that rahvin create to have struck near Matt. This would've had the same effect. Lots of heat, a huge concussion, and the explosion from the lightning hitting the ground. That could've had all the effects on matt that were described in that scene. Rand, who's POV it is from, does not know whether or not matt was hit directly with a lightning bolt or not. He just makes a vague assumption of "I guess it doesn't work against saidin". But Rand is just guessing, he has
  8. You know how sometimes people talk about their children being "their blood". And how Elaida had the foretelling long, long ago that the ruling line of Andor was a key to the LB. Here's how I see it. Rand is a descendant of the ruling line of Andor and Elayne (who is daughter heir, and probably eventually queen) is also the ruling line of Andor. So we see how that foretelling is used. Now, we all know Elayne is pregnant with twins of Rand's. His blood on the rocks could mean this: Elayne goes to battle with him, of course, and is on the verge of popping. She stands up and channels f
  9. At this point wasn't Selucia a Forsaken (Graendal?) pretending to be Tuon's Speaker of Truth? If so, I think it would be that he saw Selucia channel and the "forgot" what he saw. Tuon can wear the bracelet, meaning she can learn to channel, but I don't know if she's been with it long enough that she can see a woman channeling, etc. Either way, I've voting either Option 2 or 3
  10. RJ himself has said that it should have been "intuitively obvious" to anyone who had only read the series up to that point. He may have also scattered clues throughout the rest of the books, but if the entire reason is based off of things that happen after Asmo is killed, then it's not very intuitively obvious to anyone who hasn't read those books. Therefore, while they may be valid points, they cannot be considered as they are not presented before Asmo's death. My reasoning only works if you exclude things learned after Asmo is dead. I will admit that, but I'm not trying to be all
  11. We do not know in this point that Slayer is in the World of Dreams in the flesh. Like I said, all that is pointed out at this point is that he is like Perrin. He can enter when he is asleep. Because we don't know at this point that he enters in the flesh, there is no way to assume that he does. So using Egwene's speedy travel (which hasn't happened either at this point) as a basis cannot work. Everything that can be used as a clue must be found in the series before Asmo dies. This excludes 1) knowing Slayer enters the world in the flesh. 2) knowing Slayer takes orders from the Forsaken. 3)
  12. I'd like to point out that all of the channeling inside the castle is being done by Men. Graendal will not feel a thing. There wasn't enough destruction going on in the real world to shake the castle to its core' date=' because they fled to TAR so soon, so she may not even have had any idea everything was blowing up. For all we know, she traveled to the spot where she was supposed to meet Lanfear as was just patiently waiting for Lanfear to show up so they could go up to Rhavin and get everything started. So she's just chilling out impatiently waiting for Lanfear, maybe she wanders aro
  13. I'll state this again, because the debate continues, and I haven't seen any debunking or even addressing of this issue. The path to TV is warded inside the ways. We're already seen a whole bunch of shadow spawn contorted and dead along that path while we had scenes from inside the ways. Unless these wards are somehow unraveled. I don't see anyone wanting to do this any time soon, even if MS is not acting normally. So chances of the ways being used for a massive shadow spawn assault on TV in unlikely. It could be used for Darkfriend transport, but I don't see it happening with Shado
  14. I would just like to point out that there will not be any sort of assault on TV by shadow spawn through the ways. Am I the only one that remembers in book 4 or 5 when a party is going through the ways (can't remember who is in it) and they see the shadow spawn all contorted in front of one of the bridges? Loial makes a comment saying "that's the bridge to TV. They must've put wards on it" Firstly, to move enough to make an effective attack without being discovered would draw MS like a fly to honey and they would all die. Secondly, the path to TV is warded against shadow spawn, and
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