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  1. Mine is just my name, since in RL all the guys have easy names and you need to flip to the appendix to figure out how to pronounce the girls' names. Almost everywhere else on the 'net, including Tor.com I'm servantcbm, which comes from the passage in the Bible where Jesus says that whoever wants to be the greatest in the Kingdom of God must be the servant of all. I figure if you're going to have a goal, make it a lofty one, so if you miss you still have gone somewhere great. So that combined with my initials is that one.
  2. I don't have the cites, but as I recall, Birgitte thinks that Gaidal Cain has been spun out of Tel'aran'rhiod by the Wheel, so he should be a baby now. Also, even though there aren't clear time rules in TAR, we know that Gaidal Cain isn't necessarily attractive which don't fit the descriptions of Mat either. So it doesn't seem that Mat could be him.
  3. I'm in my 30s, have a full time job and all, but I can usually read about a book a week. Once I start a read-through, a lot of stuff gets pushed off for 9-10 weeks though!
  4. IIRC, the Gholam is a creature of Power, and thus would be wounded when it comes into contact with a ter'angreal that disperses Power as Mat's does. So it isn't the silver that's significant, but the ter'angreal's properties that make it an effective deterrent.
  5. OK, so now I am reminded that in the Prophecies, it mentions rocks being wet with blood and whatnot, so now I am doubting my earlier post... :oops:
  6. I'm not sure about the body-swap theory, (still thinking on it), but I think that Rand has to survive TG. It wouldn't be consistent with how everyone thinks they have the Prophecies figured out just to see them fulfilled in an unexpected way to be otherwise. Everyone in RL seems to think that "his blood spilling out" has to mean all of his blood. A few drops would suffice to satisfy the Prophecies, and we know that Rand is frequently bleeding after any exertion. I'll refrain from the conversation on procreation, whilst I resume lurking about. :)
  7. I picked Aviendha, just 'cause she doesn't seem to lug around all the baggage some of the others do. Besides, I like women who are feminine while retaining their strength.
  8. It's been good so far, though I can see a great need for a re-read to keep up at all here! The spamming is an, umm, interesting, uhh, phenomenom, to say the least, :D but entertaining.
  9. I think that it's more likely a result of his attempting to harden himself, as well as an increasing in his not trusting AS and even himself sometimes. You can see the progression beginning as early as tEotW, and it increasing well before LoC. The pain from the two wounds contributes to it, but I don't think that they are the catalyst.
  10. I agree with Beckon, there is considerable difference between understanding and agreeing. I think that Rand has put himself into a dangerous situation by not trusting anyone, however understandably, esp. with the nausea/resonsence issues he faces now. If he doesn't start trusting someone, will he even be able to survive seizing the OP when he reaches the Final Battle, or will he just stand there and hope Logain and the Asha'man are able to defeat the Dark One at his direction?
  11. That's a compelling argument. I've wondered why we haven't seen Slayer for such a long time, and had forgotten about his attachment to Lanfear.
  12. I did, it's a somewhat misleading stat though, since there are pages and pages (31) of registered members who have no posts whatsoever. So my current (descending) ranking is around 1173 while there are 3817 total members. * Warning---Imminent Nerdism! * Thus 3817/100=38.17, 1173/38.17=30.73 putting me in the top third of posters. The first member with a post is found ranked at 2178 however, so if we consider 1 post an "active" member, (a stretch I know) I would still be in the top half. I've no delusions of ever making the top ten though, so MsDanya, et. al., can rest easy on m
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