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  1. cause man, they have great grass. ne ways. Toronto here.
  2. I suggest reading Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen series. The first book is really hard to get in to but once your into it, the series is just amazing.
  3. One of my favorite characters is the Hound. Love Arya too.
  4. Just wanted to add something to my previous post... I disagree mainly because i've read the 4 books from the series that are out so far. Yes they are quite graphic, they involve sex, some incest and lots of murder but at the same time it's brilliantly written. GrrM also does an AMAZING job at developing his characters, which as a reader, is something I have come to appreciate in a good fantasy book. He also keeps you on edge since he doesnt shy away from offing his characters. These books may not be for everyone, which is apparent already from some of the replys. I just personally think that Martin is the type of Author everyone who likes fantasy should atleast give a try.
  5. I'm really interested in finding out how they (Aes Sedai) could have forged a better coalition between the nations then Rand. Considering all the obstacles Rand faces, he's done a mighty fine job.
  6. Pfffffffffffffffff. "never read GRRM" :roll: I strongly disagree.
  7. I do often find myself thinking after I pick up a WoT book. Most often it's about how much I hate Aes Sedai though.
  8. How can you possibly compare swimmers diving, to soccer players diving? That doesn't really work.
  9. Soccer players are a joke. Especially Italian ones. All I have to say to prove my point is one word... DIVING
  10. Fantasy Fan

    Liveship traders

    Oooo, common now. Martins AsoiaF is easily as good as the WoT. The same goes for Erikson. His Malazan series is ... remarkable, to say the least.
  11. I would'nt pay anymore than I would for a normal Hardcover book.
  12. I thought it was a good read. For that reason ill suggest that you give it a try :p.
  13. yup, thats the one. All the pretty Aes Sedai were really quite upset about the thumping he gave to Galad especially :).
  14. Wow...good question. I'm gonna have to go with Galad's duel at the start of KoD. I've always been a big fan of those 1 v 1 battles.
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