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So I now work at a hotel, checking people in and other sundry tasks at the front desk, and with today being a slightly slow day at work my mind started wandering.


How would you run a theme hotel based off of the White Tower?


What rooms would you include, how would you set up the building, and so forth.  Keep in mind that as a resort hotel, there could be dinner theater, grounds for housing, and a variety of events that guests could sign up for.



Yellow Ajah spa, Warder training facilities for the gym, nightly dinner theater consisting of meetings of the hall or fights against the dark one..  There's just a few ideas, but how would you do it?

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This is a fabulous idea! The diners could be waited on by novices. :)


I'd want to watch the Warders train the students. There should be a Gleeman to entertain. The yearly calendar could include various festivals like Bel Tine and you would have to make reservations.

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Not sure how a Tower would work and do it justice. It would be lacking something. It would be a round building still but trying to recreate a tower would be silly, I see it more along the lines of like a large hotel and banquet facility. Each room resembling it's Ajah with hotel rooms upstairs resembling each theme. Weddings and such could be held there. Each banquet room and set of rooms upstairs would have it's own private garden. In the center would be a large "practice area" where expositions of the Warders would be put on. It would be amphitheater like. An out doors Medievil Times. "The Novice Quarters" would be a children's area with it's own floor between the banquet rooms and the hotel rooms. 

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Wait.. so the children of guests might be novices?   That'd save money on the hired help, sure enough.  


(Mind you, I've had parents joke about if they can get a price drop if they have their kids do laundry)

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Honestly. I had to step in because really people. This is too easy :P


First of all the hotel would have to be a skyscraper style hotel, bright white...concrete but with a faux white marble look. The tower would of course be rounded out. It does not necessarily have to look castle-y because you'd never get a city zoning permit for that. Something modern and chic would be nice. The lobby would be a large open space - a rotunda in the center, with different zones separated by tall white silk and or satin curtains. No walls...the curtains will provide for the differentiation. The lobby floor would be a large marble affair...featuring both the dragon's fang and the flame of tar valon. This rotunda would get light from the top of the building - YES - the building would actually be a ring with rooms flanking the central corridor that stretches ALL the way to the top - with two glass elevators to the east and west of the lobby. Check in to the north and the main doors south. From the first floor of rooms (which would be actually about two stories above the lobby floor to allow for the grand lobby - a banner representing each Ajah would hang down.


Each grouping of floors would represent an Ajah.. and be themed accordingly. Each floor would also be a mix of doubles, queens, and king suites. Why? Because no Ajah is better than the next (except for the Greens of course. Because we are quite literally the best. Ever) And when you book a room you can either have a random assignment...or if you want a little risk and reward...you can be put through a sort of trial upon arrival to find your Ajah :P


The tippy tippy top will have an elite suite called the Amrylin Suite (see what I did there...Amrylin Seat...Suite...ahhhhhhh :P)


There will also be little bungalow suites by the pool which is the Warder's section of the hotel.


The cleaning staff will be "Novices" and will be run by...you got it..the Mistress of Novices! Because it is that easy.


Room keys will be RFID cards that have a tar valon mark in the center of the plastic card. It can be detached at the end of your stay and kept as a memento (made of a garbage metal like bronze or nickel)


The grounds will be separated from the main body of the hotel by a unique "moat" feature (the front of the hotel will have blue painted asphalt or something, the sidewalks that line the outer edge will also be blue, but then when you get to the back it becomes the hotel pool - the water will begin as a partial semicircle, with two ornate bridges (representing the bridges in Tar Valon itself and of course representing the Island) leading out to some minor water features ( a hot tub and kids pool. Activities will include life size chess, a play area for kids (medieval style), and other fun things. Oh yeah...the bar will be in the center of the pool... because pool bar!


For fun ... every week there will be a little bit of daes dae'mar between the floors via fun events and such. the winners will get maybe a free ice cream or something. Because game of houses




I have more...do you really need more?

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Ok Mother, if you insist. Well lets see. Guests would not be "Aes Sedai" but rather they would be Aspirants to the Tower. The hotel rewards program will take care of that. 


Aspirant = Guest with little to no status. Since "novice" belongs to the housekeeping staff you would essentially be replacing their rank with this aspirant rank - besides it is never good to refer to a guest as a novice. Just a bad vibe.


Accepted - this would essentially be the hotel version of "gold status". You can achieve this with a certain number of yearly stays or spending a certain amount on the Flame of Tar Valon American Express card (We may not be accepted everywhere, but you cant deny our influence - reason why we use AMEX vs others. Exclusivity!) 


Aes Sedai - This would essentially be "Platinum Status" and would come with perks. All employees who are not Novices would also be called Aes Sedai - why? because we value our staff as highly as our best customers ... and we consider our best customers like our staff - as a family.


Sitter - Diamond status... some of the staff would also be sitter status...like the manager and gm etc - again... by cross referencing the names of our highest staff with the rewards program the customers will feel like "hey I get treated like the gm... im super duper!"


(note - CM's would NOT be treated like the manager...this is another Aes Sedai Witch illusion :P)


The CEO of the holding company is the Amrylin Seat. There is no comparable level.




Now as far as staff. Each Ajah would be tasked with different aspects of the hotel.


Yellow - On site medical and lifeguards / pool staff.

Brown - Reservations, concierge, on site library and ebook rental service.

Gray - Customer service (led by the Head Clerk of course!)

White - information technology (they like logic...cant get more logical than computers)

Blue - Public relations

Red - Event coordination

Green - Hotel security - general awesomeness

Warders-  will do any one of the above because they are the male staff - keeping with tradition Aes Sedai will be female. This however will not interfere with hiring because we will hire the best staff male or female and fit it to the theme :)

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I think this is just awesome.


Would the Health Inspectors be White Cloaks?

And Code Inspectors.


"This will never do. These light fixtures fall short of requirement WC-37J-R63, subsection B. How do you expect your guests to Walk in the Light if they can't see where they're going?! I'm requesting a team of Inquisitors for further inspections."

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